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  • Scripting NEWBIE NEEDS HELP!

    Hello, i'm nearly giving up now, somethings really not working correctly.

    I've got Arma 2 Free for training tactics with my friends, and i want to create a custom mission which should look like this

    A certain Area which should be cleared of all enemies first. When this is achieved another waypoint to the harbor should be displayed. First problem occurs: i've created a trigger whose condition works (i didn't script it) so a message is displayed BUT:
    If i am not scripting the condition the harbour waypoint is displayed if enemies are still in the area, and if i am scripting it by myself, the waypoint won't show up. "AddWayPoint" and so on don't work with all options tried, no result, there is no waypoint added!

    And i need some help with the "if" function, i've tried to solve my problem with that: "_num = player enemyCount list triggerarea; if (num == 0) then {true} else {false}" in the condition field of the first waypoint, but then it's never being completed even if i take all the enemies out. As i said, no result.

    When reaching the harbour you should take out some Tunguskas if all of them are scrap metal you should throw a red smoke grenade and a chopper should then come, hover over the smoke, the team gets in and then flies to an airbase. Problems with this:
    How to make the chopper start flying when the smoke is thrown, how to make it hover over the smoke and how to make it fly away with the team?

    Please help me!

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    Re: Scripting NEWBIE NEEDS HELP!

    Ok I am a bit lost on the first paragraph (don't fully understand what your trying to do) but as for the helicopter I believe I can help.

    You need a trigger with this in its condition and a marker named Checksmoke this will check for a green smoke within 50m of the marker

    ((count ((markerpos "CheckSmoke") nearObjects ["SmokeshellGreen",50])) > 0)

    Then you need a chopper (named "helicopter" in this case) with a load waypoint where you want the extraction to take place synchronize the waypoint to the trigger.

    next make a another move waypoint where ever you want it to go add this in the condition of the move waypoint

    ((!alive unit1) OR (unit1 in helicopter)) AND ((!alive unit2) OR (unit2 in helicopter)) AND ((!alive unit3) OR (unit3 in helicopter)) AND ((!alive unit4) OR unit4 in helicopter) AND ((!alive unit5) OR (unit5 in helicopter)) AND ((!alive unit6) OR (unit6 in helicopter)) AND ((!alive unit7) OR (unit7 in helicopter)) AND ((!alive unit8) OR (unit8 in helicopter))

    This checks if the unit is alive or in the chopper so will wait if needed.

    I myself do not know of a way to make the chopper use the smoke itself as the waypoint (probably have to get it a name upon creation?) but this should effectively do what you want.
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