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Realistic event attendance number?

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  • Realistic event attendance number?

    I am thinking about making a 3-4 week combat series, one large mission broken up into 3-4 pieces played over 3-4 weekends.

    It will be a fully combined arms event, featuring ground, armour, and air support. It will feature a med evac system where injured troops must be evaced back to base to be fully healed, as in real life.

    How many people do you think we could reach? 30? 40? 50? 60? I would like to know so I can balance accordingly. No sense in making a 60 player mission if only 25 will show. But I do promise a 3-4 hour fight that will bring the essence of teamwork to TG, where at the end of the mission each weekend, you will be tired, but have so many good stories to tell.

    Then, should it be Alpha to allow more players in, or Bravo for hard core ace?

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    Re: Realistic event attendance number?

    I'd be there, totally.

    Also, in terms of Alpha or Bravo... I'd say Bravo, but that's just me. Simply because ACRE would be a godsend on a mission of that size.
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      Re: Realistic event attendance number?

      Your asking a question that is very difficult to answer. How soon will mission 1 be ready? How good will it be? You see if it's good I bet you can count on the second one needing at least 15 more players. If that's good, I'll bet you another 20...or more. It's hard to say, because we are just coming out of a phase of some hard knocks to the population & you never quite know when the snowball will happen. We are getting there on the Alpha server now. Bravo I imagine will be close behind. PR is doing really well, so I wouldn't be suprised to see some of those players give an event a go. Let's talk about timeline & we'll keep you advised of the magic 8 ball projections.

      As far as Alpha/Bravo is concerned...that is a question of scale. Larger player counts really are better served by ACRE/TS3. We are looking for seeder missions for Alpha and so my first guess is that your mission idea is better served on Bravo.
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        Re: Realistic event attendance number?

        A minute ago I counted 20 people in TS I could see joining in on an event. It is never the less an uncertain answer.
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          Re: Realistic event attendance number?

          This is something that I am going to spend time on. Will be tested and balanced. I will also hold the final version until the night before so I have a better idea of the head count, give or take 10. I can rip out or put in squads really easy, and ship off the final version for event day.

          It will be something that will bring the essence of teamwork to TG, and I want to see it plastered everywhere on this forum (and maybe the front page?) Lets see if we can get 50+.


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            Re: Realistic event attendance number?

            Has to be on Bravo. I dont care what ANYONE says, Alpha is a charlie foxtrot when it comes to comms. A large scale event such as the one you are planning would be a real tough one to manage on alpha with TG people, let alone smurfs and pubbies. Not that they are any lesser of a player but sometimes they are reluctant to go along with TS and all the team play. And with our current TS set up (having to register on forums and such) thats a real hassle for people who just want to play.

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              Re: Realistic event attendance number?

              Sector I am looking into something similar but on a larger level. Nothing has been approved yet but it is a system that takes all the data from players and vehicles and sends it through jayarmalib and into an mysql database to be retrieved later effectively providing a fully persistent world.

              If youre interested I definitely would be willing to work together

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