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US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

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  • US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

    I've had this idea for a mission for quite a while. TG excels at PVE, but the focus on this one is medium-scale PVP in close-to-medium ranges (5-300m).

    A United States Special Forces detachment has been deployed to eliminate a high-value target who recently toured the area where weapon caches recently were recovered by OPFOR. OPFOR forces consist of 20-30 men, complemented by a sniper/spotter overwatch, two area patrols, and a PSD.

    The objective of the SF (comprised of 4-8 men in two elements) is to infiltrate the area undetected via SUV or similiar low-profile vehicle, eliminate the HVT, and destroy the weapons cache if possible, and exfiltrate successfully. This would be a night-time raid, with the SF fully-equipped with NVGs, close-to-mid range assault rifles/SBRs with silencers, sidearms, flashbangs -- the works.

    The OPFOR area patrols would be equipped with flashlights and standard ARs, grenadiers, riflemen, etc., sniper/spotter with NVGs, and PSD with silenced weapons and NVGs.

    I feel that if hosted as an event, it could really test the abilities of both sides -- PSD is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, and neither is going against a force 2-3x your size -- and allow for a storyline of special-operations-focused missions.

    In my head, I see this mission with a small-to-medium-sized city of civilians roaming about. I'm no mission editor, but I fantasize about this style of mission rather frequently. Any thoughts, input, addons, or whatever would be warmly welcomed. Do you reckon something like this would be welcome in the community, and is it even feasible?

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    Re: US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

    I have the same day dreams


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      Re: US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

      Build it and they will come.


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        Re: US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

        There was a mission like this in Dragon rising, but because they didn't have dedicated servers it always lagged which made it unplayable.
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          Re: US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

          Minus the VIP protection, we had a TvT mission of this sort on Bravo long ago. BluFor SpecOps had about 4 slots and OpFor about 15. Blurfor had NVGs and Silenced weapons while OpFor had only their AKs and ears.

          The objective was for BluFor to find and destroy one (or several?) weapons caches (Note: Location was random, and OpFor had no maps and spawned away from the cache). I think Dredge played as BluFor the night we played and they jacked a civi vehicle. So I'm standing around on the street, lost, and a vehicle comes rolling by (I should mention there WERE civilians and some were driving around). The car almost got away but I suddenly noticed a TG Pathfinder logo on the side... Lol.

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            Re: US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

            I have a mission similar to this almost done just needs testing

            4 BluFor SpecOps halo into lingor island.

            there are 29 OpFor slots

            1 OpFor is the commander of the Island.

            1 OpFor is a spy working for the Americans, he carries a GPS tracking beacon that can be planted on the commander, when activated it updates every few seconds and informs the Americans of his position

            the BluFor are randomly given one of four objectives

            1. Kill the Commander
            2. Destroy the Commander's escape plane
            3. destroy commander's drug boats
            4. destroy the farm equipment the commander's men use to grow drugs.

            the blufor alone know what the objective is, so the opfor must protect all four assets, the spy also does not know what the blufor target is.

            once the target is destroyed blufor must evac to an LZ before the mission is complete.

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              Re: US SF vs. OPFOR - HVT/Objective-based PVP?

              Originally posted by Charles Darwin View Post
              I have a mission similar to this almost done just needs testing
              I can't say I care much for Lingor, but I love the ideas you've implemented in your mission. I'd like very much to play-test it.

              I think having random locations/objectives really adds the necessary level of uncertainty to allow this kind of mission to go off "properly". If OPFOR meta-game and know BLUFOR are coming to a particular objective (i.e. 1 of 3 or 4 objectives in a particular order), they could constantly keep their overwhelming forces in ambush positions all around it as opposed to experiencing the very real nervousness of having too few men to cover too large an area.

              I am reminded, for example, of Project Reality both Arma and BF2: when both sides know what objective needs to be accomplished, both sides put their entire force near that objective and for an overwhelmed SF that would be an impossibly unfun mission.

              The great thing about having objectives spread out, too, is the lack of ability to communicate. OPFOR, even with their larger forces, can't just say, "Okay we have 25 men and 4 objectives, so 6 men to an objective -- go." They could easily be outgunned that way. OPFOR would need to roam from objective to objective, balance when to hold and when to patrol, make risky decisions like a large sweep and clear (while effective, it risks exposing an objective to attack), and other real problems! I'm getting excited just thinking about it.




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