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A mission maker's check list?

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  • A mission maker's check list?

    I am loving mission making more and more, so much I have put out three new missions within the last 48 hours. Fairly simple and easy to approach, but the things is I keep on missing mistakes in triggers, the LEA programme and encounter unforeseen bugs. I contribute this to my lack of structure in my *SQUIRREL!*... You see?

    So I was wondering if any of you guys out there have a structured approach to mission making or if we could make one.
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    Re: A mission maker's check list?

    Well I am not so proficient in mission making. I just started actually but what I do is set the logic and the triggers first. I add the briefing and notes to see that they appear fine. Then, I place one enemy infantry without ammo or what else needs to be down, to test that the triggers work. I check to see that the ammoboxes and respawn works as well as revive or ace wounds. After I check that, I play it all the way to the end to see that the ending works. Then, I add the fun parts like wrecks, objects and stuff, I review it again and lastly I place the opfor. Then I give it a play test to check the balance, and voila.

    Thing is that by checking that the logic/triggers work before you have anything else, it is easy to fix and you do not feel bad about deleting all your work or having to check even more things.
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      Re: A mission maker's check list?

      Erm... first I sort out triggers and stuff, and have them placed down and test them a bit. Then delete all of them and place down the player units on the map first (for the sake of order on the slot screen)... no idea if that changes anything. Although ArmA seems to give them weird squad names otherwise? No clue! Anyway, first two steps are interchangeable for me.

      1. Modules, ACE lifetime, respawn types etc.
      2. Player units
      3. Triggers / scripts.
      4. Trigger objects etc.
      5. Testing of triggers.
      6. Important objects. (Ammo boxes, vehicles, named etc)
      7. Gear loadouts. (For boxes, players, specific AI etc)
      8. UPSMON area zones.
      9. Edit the code of UPSMON Alpha thing to make sure the zones are invisible.
      10. Testing to make sure the AI is working as intended - debug mode activated, fly around in chopper.
      11. Mission info, mission briefing, tasks
      12. Extra stuff. Easter eggs, decoration, useless AI (i.e. patrols around friendly base), map markers.


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        Re: A mission maker's check list?

        I don't have a check list, but more like what I know works gets used from previous missions.

        Although, recently. I do more of triggers / objective testing, and players loadouts if any. Prior to continuing on the mission completion. To me, briefing comes at the end with pictures. Since, you might want to change the AO half way through.

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