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  • [INFO] Mission Submissions

    Please note that missions that are submitted to the Mission Submissions thread will be uploaded to CHARLIE server initially.

    Reason is that it is inconvenient for the players to have the BRAVO server down whenever a newer version of the mission is needed to be uploaded.
    Specially in the case where previous version/s of the missions are needed to be deleted.

    Let's try to keep this practice, to keep the smooth running and the maintenance of the servers as streamlined as possible for us all.

    Should you require a password to the CHARLIE server, please contact the Admins.
    They can be reached either via the forum in the means of: CAA thread, or Private Messages.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Mission Submissions

    Here here, and much appreciated. We do have a backlog of files to remove from Bravo & this is a large part of why. Lets test first folks as shutting Bravo down is always a pain. We won't require a full repost if the first test has good results. Just repost that the mission is good for Bravo if the original post is still visible.
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