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Medical questions.

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  • Medical questions.

    Since ACE has released new medical equipment, i have a few questions on what you can do with the items it gives you and the possibilities/capabilities of the items.

    Is it possible to make it to where the med-kit only fixes aim, and only splints fix legs.

    Is it possible to make the tourniquet stop all bleeding, and if left on it will break legs, if it's left on longer it could kill the player. the legs may or may not be recoverable by splints and can only be recovered by adding plasma to the player at a MASH of any kind

    The MASH vehicles stabilize players when they are down until they are pulled out of the MASH vehicles.

    A more radical idea, allow medics to operate on people inside the MASH vehicles. (excluding helo)

    The player has to be conscious to tell the medic "whats wrong" or "where it hurts". The player knows more about his internal condition, and if the medic applies the wrong treatment it adds a time penalty and takes longer to heal the player.

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    Re: Medical questions.

    Good questions Gumby, I'm sure most of what you are looking to accomplish is doable with some scripting knowledge, but maybe someone has some insight to share.

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      Re: Medical questions.

      What your asking is for ACE to complete their medical system really, I'm sure it could be done by scripts but would be a lot of work for one person

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