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  • Combat Ops MSO Questions

    Yesterday Finestyle and I supported Bravo Server vets as a Mech. Inf. unit (Stryker) in a few missions of Combat Ops MSO.

    I enjoyed it very much, thx for all the help and tips gentlemen (BLIP, Hawk_eye, Phoenix and others).

    Now this reminds me the fantastic Evolution mission back in 2007. I really like this sandbox dynamic/random mission structure supported with ambiance/combat/support modules since it allows you to play the role you want with limited or no restriction (unit type/command structure/gear/equipment/vehicles/etc). We are a mechanized infantry unit and missions with IFVs/Mech Inf component are quite rare. ACE and especially ACRE take it to the next level. I wish Strag was here, we were dreaming a radio system like this (ACRE) back in those days.

    So this ArmA + ACRE + ACE + Patrol Ops MSO combination became my current favorite. I have a few questions though:

    1) Would it be possible to add other IFVs (Warrior and Bradley)? Please :)

    2) I am trying to understand the mission structure. Is this an MSO mission with Combat Ops or vice versa? I know that MSO is a mission framework that can be used to create missions. So I guess what we are playing (CO35 Patrol OPS MSO v426_tg) is a combat ops mission on MSO framework edited by BLIP (tg part). Right?

    3) I`ve seen the MSO architecture here:

    and I am amazed. I was wondering which modules/functions we are using on our version? I think it`s not possible to use all due to the stress on server :( On the other hand, how wonderful would that be to have all AMBIENCE modules (traffic, dogs, etc)... What makes it so difficult to increase the module number? Server or client side, or both?

    Thx in advance for the answers. Looking forward to the coming sessions.

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    Re: Combat Ops MSO Questions

    Read this PATROL OPS MSO Suggestions and requests


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      Re: Combat Ops MSO Questions

      Hi m8.

      Thank you very much for your kind comments on the mission.

      The Mission we play on Bravo is a Combination of the MSO mission base and the mission Patrol OPs 2 and some other stuff :)
      It was created before the MSO team integrated Patrol Ops into MSO.
      But has elements from the latest versions as well.

      Alot of the Ambient Modules where removed to increase the servers performance.

      You can see the Elements I kept in and altered etc by de-pboing the mission

      MSO modules are brilliant but do cause alot of stress on the server.
      The amount of versions I have created just to test if a module works well on Bravo once we reach 15 - 20 plus players is quite high :)
      I would love to have all the modules working but atm you just cant.

      At some point in its creation I have had almost every type of vehicle and weapon but I removed them Because they make the mission too easy.
      And increasing the enemy amount to counter the high grade vehicles and weapons is counter productive for the server performance.
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        Re: Combat Ops MSO Questions

        Checking some of the discussions in the posted thread, looks like my request for more IFV types can be easily misunderstood. As 1stMIP, we never use IFVs in rambo style. Our way of using them is to support infantry. We always have self-control and never engage without the order of SL/CO or without infantry coordination (if one of us is leading the mission). I can perfectly understand how frustrating a mission can be for foot soldiers if someone just takes a powerful IFV and charges on his own against enemy infantry. I hope we dont get rid of these nice assets of the game just because they are not used properly by selfish players who doesnt know teamwork and how Mech Inf units operate. I need to talk to BLIP :)


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          Re: Combat Ops MSO Questions

          Hey BLIP, looks like we were posting at the same time :) I understand the rationale behind your decision. I`ll catch you on TS to explain my rationale/motivation. As you remember, we included the IFV in engagements only when ordered by SL specifically in cases where our infantry needed it. In fact in one particular case, I suggested SL to keep IFV back when he ordered us to engage. Our infantry finished the job in that particular occasion (primary mission objective + hostile APC). With maturity, teamwork and mutual respect/understanding, we can have everything and use them properly (challenging missions + fun for everyone). I know this requires commitment from all players and it may be very difficult on a server open to public. As I said, I`ll catch you on TS mate.

          Thanks again for the customized mission. I had a great time yesterday. I needed this after the big disappointment of not being able to join the ArmA Event on Sat due to battleye problems.


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            Re: Combat Ops MSO Questions

            Well I do like Mech inf Vehicles.
            I will be thinking alot about adding in a Small Squad of crewman slots.
            Along with some more IFV types.
            The vehicles would only be manable by the crewmen same as the pilot is the only one who can fly the choppers.

            Disabling the thermals might be an idea aswell.
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