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Patrol Ops - Vanilla - Requests and Bugs

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  • Patrol Ops - Vanilla - Requests and Bugs

    I've asked Yink to take the lead on getting a version of Patrol Ops together for use on Alpha server. BL1P did a great conversion but I don't remember why we stopped using it off hand. I think there were a number of scripts that still used ace functions that may have caused issues. BL1P you remember?

    However, Alpha II will be running different versions of Patrol Ops for the next little while & Yink will be compiling a wish list. He will steer the project through the next few updates and lets give him some help. I hope you scripters can rally behind & help. Hope you players will find the things that need to be fixed or features to be added. This thread is where we will document our suggestions and change logs.

    BL1P I know you and Yink have drastically different times that you guys tend to play but I hope you can help. Not asking you to take on yet another project. ;)
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    Re: Patrol Ops - Vanilla - Requests and Bugs

    No probs at all
    are you altering Patrol Ops or MSO ?
    Patrol Ops MSO ? (guessing its not this as I wasn't asked before hand :) )

    And did you ask the author or Authors ? (only asking as I wont alter anything I wasn't give permission to first)

    Ill try contact Yink anyway.
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      Re: Patrol Ops - Vanilla - Requests and Bugs

      we are currently using the default patrol ops, but would like to use yours. we are currently testing yours for bugs and will do our best to fix them. If we find we cant fix yours due to ACE compatibility issues/other mods et cetera, then we will modify the default versions to better suit our players and our community, probably based on the features included in MSO.
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        Re: Patrol Ops - Vanilla - Requests and Bugs

        My bad !

        I forgot I was asked if you could use mine while I was working on the latest PO:MSO...

        I will me more than happy to assist in helping Modify the Current PO:MSO to be none ACE and playable on Alpha.

        Ill try to talk with you on ts Yink see if we cant get some sort of dialog going and maybe a forum thread for when we are not on TS.

        I would suggest the projects section of the forums to keep things private ?

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