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  • Idea for TVT mission

    Hey guys I was just battering poor Unkl's senses with some ideas I have been having for a very long time and thought I would start a discussion here. Not sure where I am going with this yet but any input would be welcome. The mission is a concept for Arma 3 TVT.

    Arma 3 TVT Mission Template

    Ok the general idea is to provide a TVT or player vs player mission that has depth, immersion and focused, logical objecives that drive realistic gameplay and teamwork.

    Blufor – The Assaulting Force

    Opfor – The Defending Force

    Currently the only terrain available is Stratis, an island with somewhat limited points of interest and built up areas.

    The narrative for the mission is that BluFor is attempting to assault the island and in doing so will need to complete certain objectives. Completion of said mission objectives will need to present a tangible, logical benefit.

    For example the elimination of the "Aviation Fuel Dump" will prevent further spawning of Air Assets for Opfor which will limit their mobility as a consequence. That will increase their response times to reports of BluFor contacts at other critical installations around the island.

    This type of mission related objective provides a real imperative to the assaulting force to stay focused as they will realise a tangible benefit to the completion of that objective, one which in turn will facilitate the completion of further task specific objectives. As these objectives are completed in turn the Assaulting force will gain momentum and initiative, consequently the pressure on Opfor as defenders will increase. As the list of objectives left intact dwindles the fight becomes more critical, more focused, the intensity for both sides increase as a greater and greater weight of numbers can be brought to bear at each location, has to be be brought to bear, as the importance escalates.

    Spawn locations

    Opfor spawn locations will be limited and based on semi realistic logic.

    Intial spawn

    At the outset of the mission Opfor will have the ability to spawn in limited numbers at the non barracks strategic objectives. That spawn ability could be restricted by the following criteria:-

    ・ Number by location, no more than 10-12 per location
    ・ Timer – Strategic Objective spawn is limited to the first 10 minutes of the mission

    Once the initial 'strategic objective' spawn period has elapsed then all further reinforcements must be made from the Barracks locations, ie all spawn for Opfor will be limited to the Barracks.

    Spawn Rates

    Another mechanic that can be utilised to add strategic value to the barracks locations is the rate at which spawns/reinforcements are available. For example if 2 of the 4 Barracks locations are 'destroyed' then the rate at which reinforcements are available is reduced by 50%.

    List of potential strategic objectives

    Fuel Dumps

    ・ Aviation Fuel Dump – Destruction of the Aviation Fuel Dump will remove the spawn capability of Opfor (defender) air assets
    ・ Vehicle Fuel Dump – Destruction of the Vehicle Fuel Dump will remove the spawn capapility of Opfor (defender) vehicle assets


    ・ Destruction of the Opfor Barracks will remove the ability of Opfor to spawn at that location

    The number of barracks and placement will be dependent on player numbers and location chosen by the mission designer for each of the other strategic objectives.

    Maritime objectives

    ・ Dependent on how the Assaulting team operates, ie spawn locations, whether or not they begin the mission by making a beach head, maritime objectives can be added.
    ・ For example a Combat Swimmer team could attempt to destroy the Opfor maritime fleet and thus limit their nautical response, removal of Opfor gunboats and patrols, ease of beach head for the assaulting force

    Air Control Tower

    ・ The destruction of the Air Control Tower removes the spawn ability of air mobile weapons platforms, ie the helo gunship.

    Meta Game objective (crazy idea)

    ・ How about the the removal of a comms tower removes the ability of Opfor to use the Command channel in game. I doubt this can be done through a script therefore it is somewhat pie in the sky thinking but it could be monitored in game by an Admin on Opfor. This would mean that any orders would have to be relayed in person by a messenger, that messenger would most likely need the use of a vehicle. That in turn means that the other strategic objectives come into play more, if the vehicle fuel dumps are destroyed then the only means of transport for a messenger to deliver CO orders from one objective to another is by air or on foot. This crippling of the Opfor/Defenders communication network has real consequences and makes it a valuable objective for the Assaulting force.

    Blu For spawn

    Without more time in the editor I am unable at this point to layout the best spawn location or even method of beach head for the Assaulting force.

    An air assault presents the problem of a staging point on such a small island, would need to limit Opfor access to that location to provide a secure staging area and prevent what would be in effect 'spawn camping'.

    The whole Blufor spawn mechanic/location needs a great deal of thought. It is also entirely dependent on map layout as regards the location of Opfor strategic objectives.

    Win/loss conditions

    Again to be determined however my initial thoughts are to give the Opfor defenders unlimited spawns, the limiting mechanic being the rate at which they can spawn and respond to the escalating threat to their installations.

    As regards Blufor I would suggest a limited number of spawns, in essence a ticket count, to represent the fact that they are the assaulting force, who by their very nature can only have brought X number of reinforcements with them.

    BluFor wins if X number of strategic objectives are destoyed/captured.

    Opfor wins when Blufor runs out of reinforcements

    Additonal mechanics that could be introduced/game engine dependent.

    The ability to repair/recapture strategic objectives for the Opfor/Defending team. The editor includes several support type infantry. Perhaps if an installation is knocked off line, for example the Comms Objective that removes the Opfor access to Command channel these engineers can be dispatched from the barracks to that location and when X condition is met on the objective the facility can be treated as restored. This in turn would grant access to the command channel again but would divert front line resources away from other strategic objectives.

    The above is perhaps a little too off the wall and I am unsure if the game can be made to support this logic. Still an interesting level of potential depth/role playing.


    At this stage the key aim is to provide a Co Op story/narrative focused TVT scenario that introduces realistic game dynamic changing objectives. The hope obviously being to get away from a simply 'death match' scenario and give real mission focus. To provide the CO's, in game leadership and squad members with real strategic choices that will in turn effect how the rest of the mission plays out.

    At present this is merely a sketch, an outline of something I want to try and help build that I think could be possible in this game, above all others. I enjoy TVT however deathmatch, nice as it is, has a limited appeal. To be able to combine real misson focus with the more immersive elements of TVT play is the holy grail for me, I like Coop, I like TVT and I want to play both.

    Any feedback on the quality of the idea, feasibility etc and offers of help or a simply show of interest would be very, very welcome. As I say this is a very rough idea that is in no way fully fleshed out or even fully considered lol, just wanted to get it down on paper before I forgot again.



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    Re: Idea for TVT mission

    To make cool TvTs like this we really need more players. In the 60+ range ideally. At our present player numbers this mission would be extremely long and contact sparse in my opinion. If you have 30 people on the server that is only 15 per side and the blufor heli only holds 5 so you would need 3 pilots, leaving you with just 12 to actually fight with.

    Before the split we did at TvT with shacktac and got over 100 people on our server, someone also tried to organize a mission with UO but it never worked out. Perhaps we could try that again? It would make a mission like this much more feasible.


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      Re: Idea for TVT mission

      The numbers is an absolute given lol, I'm not designing a whole map mission for 15 people lol, I would have thought that was obvious lol.

      We can get the numbers pretty easily I believe in due course. I just need to know the mission stuff is feasible. I got 190 people onto our servers for PR Arma (not on my own obviously lol), I think as Arma 3 gets more publicity we will get the numbers. It's going to take me ages to even do half of this, which is fine as this isn't a short term thing. I'm looking to come up with a template that is flexible for multiple missions. I want to build this for TG first and foremost, anything else comes second.

      Regardless numbers are irrelevant at this stage, that's like worrying what colour Ferrari to buy when your flat broke. I need to know if its doable and if people like the concept.

      Most TVT gameplay I have experienced over the years is illogical, capture the flag etc what for? It always misses out on the realistic narrative that Co-op missions have and I hate that, it basically becomes a tedious sports game. Been there, done that, beat that.

      I want objectives that make sense, that affect gameplay and can play out differently every time. I have a lot of scripting to learn, game logic stuff etc but I know a few people so maybe I can get lucky with some of it.

      If anyone wants to wade in on this please, please do.


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        Re: Idea for TVT mission

        I think this is a brilliant idea. I can see this kind of thing going huge. This is basically like taking the best from ArmA adding the best from PR and making it objective based instead of flags and tickets. Am I on the right track? This combination of elements is something our mission makers should throw a lot of support behind. I can see it having elements for everyone from role playing objective buffs to tactical TvT maniacs. I see a big middle ground here that I support 100%.

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