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  • Super dumb question

    I run a little private server for DAYZ Taviana for some of the kids who watch Dad play on TG server and want to play themselves. I would like to add the Gyrocopter mod into the map. The link for what I mean is here:

    Do the end users need to have it installed or can I put it in my server files and they auto download it? What is the best approach to add it in to the mission? Yup, super dumb question, but I threw the disclaimer in the title :)

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    Re: Super dumb question

    both the clients and the servers need the same mods installed. this is easy enough if you go through six updater and install the same versions.
    so no, they will not automatically download it.
    I'm not totally sure on adding vehicles to dayz servers, because i have no experience with their vehicle placement and spawn scripts, you might want to search on armaholic or a similar site for editing the dayz mission
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      Super dumb question

      Every ArmA vehicles have their own class names. Even with third party addons.
      Once you've figured out which subfolder /file/.sqf the scripts launch the vehicles. You can add the gyro copter class name in the list.

      This is going off of my past mission making experiences. No I haven't depbo'ed the dayz files.

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