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  • Usage of Global & Side channels

    I'd like to request that Side & Global channels not be disabled by mission makers.

    When we have new players on the server it makes it very difficult to communicate as an admin without the ability to chat or speak outside of groups or command channel. I do understand the reasoning but it ties the admins hands. Our regular players should know to use channels appropriately.

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    Re: Usage of Global & Side channels

    Disabling side chat serves no purpose. If a mission does not have it enabled they will be removed completely.

    As for global, unless someone can present a compelling reason why side should be turned off, I am inclined to enforce that as well..
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      Re: Usage of Global & Side channels

      Logged in admins have access to global channel even though side and global channels are disabled by the mission makers. Disabling side and global simulates the long range radio and short range radio closer to ACRE. SLs have to communicate using command channel. Grunts have to rely upon other means instead of using this magical side channel... That is the purpose of disabling side channel. To emulate tougher and challenging environment.


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        Re: Usage of Global & Side channels

        As one of those "noobs" I have to say that global chat has helped (when I had no idea what I was doing and how to get in touch with the team). I know my skills will increase and I'll be "on page" with the rest of you soon, but for some missions especially those that will involve (support) the newer player it was super helpful to have it for the "just in case" comms.

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          Re: Usage of Global & Side channels

          Can't we just guide the new players and remind the old. To stay off side and global? No need for such measures, unless absolutely necessary.

          It really does help to communicate to new players.

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