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transport, waypoints and triggers....

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  • transport, waypoints and triggers....

    My idea for a mission for eventual release on the TG server.

    Mission opens with 2 groups of recon infantry ferrying to an LZ.
    Four objectives

    1. Kill the officers and destroy the radio on the coast.
    2. Destroy transmission towers inland
    3. Destroy radar complex at Camp Mike
    3. Exfil

    Soldiers disperse from helos
    Helo flight lifts off and departs
    Soldiers infiltrate to village
    eliminate officers and destroy radio

    Move inland to towers
    fight infantry and one imrat w/mg
    blow towers

    Move to Camp Mike
    Fight infanty and two imrats/w mg

    exfil by AI helo flight

    Mission ends


    I thought two versions - one with the Camp Mike objective one without.

    How do I make the items above into objectives listed on the briefing and on the in game map? I know this is related to trigger somehow but not sure how to connect them.

    What do I need to add for JIP and respawn.

    I can place units and groups and waypoints easily enough and I've been fiddling with triggers but can't figure out how to trigger a small enemy counter attack upon destruction of the radio.

    Can I get a model of a rado from the files of ARMA 2 and place it in ARMA 3?

    I think I know how to send the helo exfil flight but I'm not sure on how to make them land. Same with the inbound flight too I guess. I've watched most of the tutorials Unk posted but I learn better by doing and once I go through it I'll be able to tackle more complex stuff.

    Could someone be kind enough so spend a half an hour on TS to walk me through some of the trigger coding. That would be awesome. I have some other mission ideas too, like kidnapping a high ranking officer and an ambush mission sounds like fun.

    Anyways. I'll check back.
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    Re: transport, waypoints and triggers....


    for jip and respawns you'll need to edit your description.ext file and make markers on the map:

    for the radio destruction just make a new file in notepad and copy paste this into it:
    //make sure you make an enemy squad in the editor and name the leader redleader
    //name the radiotower radio and make a marker where its location is called radiomarker
    //the squad should be in a good ambush position and not able to be seen by blufor forces initially
    (group redleader) setbehaviour "stealth";
    (group redleader) setcombatmode "blue";
    waituntil {alive radio};
    (group redleader) setbehaviour "combat";
    (group redleader) setcombatmode "red";
    redleader domove (getmarkerpos "radiomarker");
    save this (the above code) as a .sqf file and put in your init.sqf:
    if (isserver) then {execVM "name.sqf"};

    no. not without mods.

    its easy if you put down an invisible helipad where you want them to land. this should be located in the empty section of the objects.
    how are you calling in the chopper? will it be a radio command or triggered once an objective is complete? both are simple and i will help you with them both.

    ill help you whenever im on ts. just pm me or bother me, both are fine.
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