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major bug - silent gunshots for scripted AI

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  • major bug - silent gunshots for scripted AI

    I personally have experienced this on some missions on our server, so I'm posting this here instead of the tech support forum so you guys are aware...

    Basically, AI spawned using scripting will fire their first clip normally, but after a reload, their gun is empty but they continue to fire with no muzzle flash or sound. Only bullet hit makes noise. Pick up their gun, and it's empty.

    I actually experienced it on Operating Brain Drain last weekend when I went into a warehouse building alone (stupid, I know) and didn't expect to see two enemy infantry there. I died right next to them, but one of them kept firing at my dead body while I waited to respawn, and after his first clip there was only the sound of the bullets hitting my dead body.

    One thing to note, this apparently only occurs on dedicated servers so it's not possible to recreate in the editor.

    bug report, please upvote!

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    Re: major bug - silent gunshots for scripted AI

    nice catch!

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      Re: major bug - silent gunshots for scripted AI

      I had this on another mission where I made the AI lay prone and fire at pop-up targets. The sounds only fired now and then. Weird. Operation Brain Drain was buggy with the MCC, Names Script and Radio Channels script all running at once. I had to do a lot of funky work arounds while running that mission.
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