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    Anyone close to a decent TvT mission that we could use for a Sunday Event?

    What would be optimal would be 15 vs 15, unless you could have all 3 factions and make it 10vs10vs10...
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    Re: TvT Missions

    I have a 10vs10 That I can run as early as tonight for testing, and then I can modify it for 15v15 for later. I also have a 15v15 I can throw together tonight for a sunday event. TvT is incredibly easy to create, because you don't have to worry about AI at all (which takes forever...)

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      Re: TvT Missions

      Man, I like the TvT but I find it twice the work to create since you have sometimes two different briefings, two sets of tasks & associated triggers, scripts to check for end conditions, messages to broadcast from clients to all machines (since the AI on the server doesn't fire the things for your enemy) if you already understand the multiplayer issues around client/server, and how to broadcast events that can occur only on the one players computer that performs a non-global all other clients....then it is quite easy. But, I don't mind admitting this stuff was rocket science to me not very long ago.

      But hey, once I get back to normal, if I get back to normal at work, I'll be able to bang a bunch of these out. I think this is a great direction we should be exploring a lot more of.
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