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A Call for Mission Developers / Coders

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  • A Call for Mission Developers / Coders

    Call for Mission Developers

    Campaign – “The Hidden Truth”

    I have a rather large mission (series of missions actually) that I would like to build for the community. My skill in designing (scope and overall elements) the mission(s) is pretty well in hand, but my script ability is, the weak link.

    I am looking for 3 or 4 developers to assist in the development. Not because the effort requires it but because my development effort will be much like the "Tobel Bomb sight" (Sherlock Holmes reference) in that no one developer will have access to or be building the whole saga (yes I said saga). I know our community members like to play as much as they like to develop and sometimes the knowledge of what is “behind the curtain” takes away from some of the game play "fun". So I will be mixing it up by having multiple developers help with the effort so they can participate as well as develop. Also, no one developer will be required to work on back to back missions so development efforts will be - help build one . . then a long amount of play . . . .then assist in the dev side again . . . then more play . . . . "keeping it real" for the developers as well.

    Please email me at [email protected] your interest and level of skill (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and “Mad Skillz”). I will host an initial “GoToMeeting” to review the development effort and time frames in advance of any commitment from the developers and based on that interest will then host a follow on GTM to discuss the first of the development needs with the dedicated team members.

    Lastly, my participation in this effort will be to slot in as Heilo pilot (and yes I may kill all of us once in a while, but I promise to practice a lot and try not to do so as much as my skills allow) taking direct instruction from Command as to my movements, or as Combat lifesaver (taking orders and hanging back) so the missions can have as much "fresh" to the play as possible.

    I will also be looking for a number of "combat photographers" and "video news reporters" to assist because if this goes off as it's developed in my head . . . it's going to be epic!

    Looking forward to responses and getting to the “meat” of the matter



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    Re: A Call for Mission Developers / Coders

    I'm ignoring your request for an email ;) I have a couple of my own projects on the go but happy to help out with a few small beginner scripts here and there! Can definitely do screenshots / videos as well.




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