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I would like to respectfully suggest a "Mods" Sub-Board

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  • I would like to respectfully suggest a "Mods" Sub-Board

    Sub Armed Assault board . . . or Sub ArmA - Development Board

    I'd suggest sub "Armed Assault" Board apart from "ArmA - Development" as that thread is dedicated to mission dev at this time and could stay pure that way

    My reasoning (argument) for this forum sub-board is as follows:

    1 - Eventually, I would think, we will have at least some Mods for our community on the ArmA3 Server

    2 - A discussion about the merits of those that we "want" "need" "might be good for the squads" would be a way to get thoughts on the table and the decisions "hashed out" prior to being implemented.

    3 - Discussion of the merits of Mods could take place in individual topics (threads) and won't get all jumbled in with other threads or boards allowing for dialogue about a given Mod to run its course.

    4 - As always server performance and ultimate decision of any Mods would be the decision of the senior team, but I'm seeing a number of very good mods that I think might help with community development and with some of the realism aspects of the capabilities of the ArmA code and game possibilities and a discussion of them might be well placed here in our dialogue space on the boards.

    Just some thoughts as my day rambles on,


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    Re: I would like to respectfully suggest a "Mods" Sub-Board

    WOOOO HOOOO . . . over a hundred views and not a single reply . . . epic . . . . . :-)




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