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  • Need favor (mission editing)

    So as all of you know, we have been trying out the Alive MOD. It is decent with its dynamic content but it has a couple flaws that someone should be able to fix in a minute or two.

    First off is the AI skill level. Can some take a look at what it is set at? We are getting smoked either in vehicles from way too far off with 1 shot accuracy that is unreal. The skill level inside the mission itself is overriding the server settings so it has to be addressed in the PBO.

    Vehicle repair/rearm/respawn. If we were to use this in a permanent rotation, we need the ability to do things to all the vehicles. Otherwise, this becomes either a base resource raping or way too many chances for pubbies to misuse very limited resources.

    Lastly is the TG Friendly Tag script. That should be a easy one and makes it more familiar for TG players to use ingame.

    Use the new Alive mission, Link can we get a couple tweaks and then recompiled back for a TG version?

    There are some other issues with the mission, which I am sure the designers of Alive are working through at the moment. We are just adjusting this to be TG friendly at this point.
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    Re: Need favor (mission editing)

    Made a quick video for installing @CBA and @Alive for those who haven't done it before.

    Let me know if this is worth the view or if it needs any edits before it's "prime time" . . . I think it's good to go.



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      Re: Need favor (mission editing)

      The TG Player Names script is available in THIS POST
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