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My ArmA3 mission pack 2014-01

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  • My ArmA3 mission pack 2014-01

    Yes, I read the mission submission requirement thread, seems like a lot of info needed, just to share a file.

    TG don't need to use or play these missions, just wanted to share a collection of good missions my team made, released for the community, so any that someone might like can edit and change as you desire, starting with the SimHQ splash screen that I know is a big No NO here at TG.

    Most of these missions follow the way we've been making them since the beginning... broken down with a SL element, and by fireteams, to go with those tutorial articles i did a long while ago. You can disable a fireteam for smaller groups, set up the preferences in game, theirs also spots for observers, and thou completely co-op missions, occasionally we add a couple of enemy positions that are optional, to add the human element in a mission.

    will try an honor the submission requirements below... here's the link, feel free to edit as needed/wanted, feel free to share as wanted... it's gaming, I've always lead with the rule to share with any and all communities. If you like them, let me know, got about 100 more. ;)

    * DATE: Date of submission

    * MISSION MAKER: Your Forum Name
    Magnum (made by a team of SimHQ members)

    * MISSION NAME: Mission Name
    Co-Op Pack

    * FILE NAME: CO##_MissionName_V#.landmass.pbo.

    * VERSION: Final Version #

    * # PLAYER SLOTS: ##/## - Total Slots, Suggested Minimum

    * DOWNLOAD LINK: Where it is hosted
    my dropbox, link above

    * REQUIRED CONTENT: ex. [A2] [A2/OA] [A2/OA/ACE] [OA/ACE]
    NO MODS, default game... how I like it. ;)

    * PREVIOUS VERSION REMOVAL: ex. yes or no

    * UPLOAD TO: ex. [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie][Delta](Charlie is the test server for Bravo - Delta is the test sever for Alpha)
    the no mod server?

    * DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Copy your briefing if it's not too long. JIP/Respawn. Infantry/Combined Arms ect...
    * Please include information about JIP and respawn options

    Still looking to start gaming with you guys soon, very soon. in ArmA3.
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    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: My ArmA3 mission pack 2014-01

    if you look at my blog here, I've copied all my tac articles here, since re-joining TG... still got to add screens and video, but they explain how these missions kinda work.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.




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