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  • Team management script

    I haven't looked at the team management script in Resistance but I'm really impressed with how it functions in game. Many times players come in and the teams have changed from the ones assigned from the slot screen and the command channel then becomes a great asset to the server. JIP's (providing they know how) can now communicate with the person in charge and all the leaders are aware of the integration of a new player. This is all done without the unnecessary clutter of coms for the rest of the server.

    Is this script or functionality available to us?
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    Re: Team management script

    I just sent you the decompiled mission if you are interested in looking inside to see how it works..
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      Re: Team management script

      while we're at it about team management... I've noticed missions where the squad leader at occasions dies and someone like a medic or an automatic rifleman gets temporary squad lead and access to command channels... would it be possible for us to rearrange lists so that it'd go in an order something like SL > FTL > GRN > Rifleman > and so on for who's going to get SL when prior members are unavailable? that way the team wont be completely disoriented when SL dies and can not contact command

      im not a mission editor myself, just curious on this
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