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  • Anvil Editor Release Thread

    Anvil Editor (v3.2 Alpha Release)

    By |TG| Will (a.k.a. mecharius)

    WARNING: As the software is Alpha there are many unintended "features" which I have heard referred to as "bugs". This version has been released due to "popular" "demand" and to help me gather feedback. Whilst it has been used to create missions for servers, use the editor at your own risk and make sure you keep lots of backups of your missions. If you do find any bugs or have feature requests please leave a message below!

    Announcing the first public release of the Anvil Editor and Framework, version 3.2 ALPHA.

    The Anvil Editor is a windows application (requiring .NET 4.5) which lets you very rapidly (i.e. within minutes) generate large scale, multi-objective multi-player missions for ArmA 3, when used alongside the official ArmA 3 editor. It creates missions that use the bundled Anvil Framework and has the following features:


    - Point and click to create objectives, ambient occupation zones and the initial spawn point
    - Shift-click to link objectives (so that completing one unlocks the other)
    - Select the type of objective, what is shown in the player tasks, the level of enemy occupation and capture rewards
    - One-click inclusion of SQF scripts, including setting up the description.ext and init.sqf
    - Update marker positions from the SQM file so they can be fine tuned in the ArmA 3 official editor


    - Manages player task notifications
    - Spawn selected player rewards on objective completion
    - Three selectable mission types - Capture, Destroy or Assassinate
    - Dynamically create and populate a large number of linked objectives
    - Uses Bangabob's EOS script to cache AI when no players present
    - Multi-player parameters for a strength multiplier, random patrols and enemy counter-attacks
    - Mostly functional ability to save objective state and reload later (limited to admins)

    More information and download links:

    - Home page -
    - Downloads and release notes -
    - Altis Map (Low Res)* -
    - Stratis Map* -

    * Currently only the Altis and Stratis maps are provided for download to prevent my weak little server overloading. I'll be trying to find hosting for the other files ASAP and I'll link up here when I do.

    To install simply unzip the archive somewhere safe. Download one of the maps linked above and place it in the "/data/maps/" folder of the extracted application. and Double click on "AnvilEditor.exe" to start the editor. For hints and tips watch the quick start video below.
    Visit the Anvil home page to track development progress

    This will be on Make ArmA Not War as soon as I can work out how to do it properly :)

    The Editor source code is MIT licensed (github repo to follow) and the Framework is APL-SA licensed.

    Quick Start Guide

    P.S. Thanks to Unkl, Solo and Rudolf for helping with testing

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    Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

    Congrats on your Alpha release Will. Been a real treat to use this the last week to make some missions. Not having to mess around with all the scripts to get objectives to flow and populate enemies is such a massive relief.
    |TG-189th| Unkl
    ArmA 3 Game Officer
    Dean of Tactical Gamer University
    189th Infantry Brigade Member
    "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache


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      Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

      Glad to hear you've found it useful Unkl!

      I've had some good feedback over the last few days and v4.3 already has some improvements on the way.


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        Version 4.3 ALPHA Released

        Version 4.3 ALPHA Released

        I've just released the latest version of the Anvil Editor (v4) and Framework (v3). This version has a bunch of stability improvements courtesy of testing from Unkl, Rudolph and Solo plus from the missions on the TG servers. Overall there are about 22 bug fixes, 21 new features and 7 improved features. Release highlights include:
        • - Two new objective types (Destroy AA and Intel)
          - End mission triggers per objective or for when all objectives are completed
          - Basic mission error checking (i.e. over or under occupation of objectives)
          - Improved occupation system descriptions
          - Logging of application data to help debugging
          - Automatically download and install new framework versions

        I'm hoping to submit the first Sample mission to the TG servers later today, and I'll be posting the release up on the BI forums with some links back here.

        Please post any bugs / issues / suggestions here.

        Last edited by mecharius; 07-12-2014, 08:16 AM. Reason: Made clear its an Alpha still :)


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          Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

          I've also started a Make ArmA Not War page for the showcase campaign I'll be building for this mission. Any support would be welcome!


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            Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

            Version 5.4 ALPHA Released

            I've just released the latest version of the Anvil Editor (v5) and Framework (v4). This version is literally jam packed with changes, improvements and new features. The main highlights are:
            • Completely new Win 8 "Metro" look and feel
            • SEVEN new objective types
            • Option to randomly place objective (e.g. demo/intel missions) in the objective radius
            • Unlock objectives in a random order (see Angle Fire mission on Stratis)
            • A mission briefing editor
            • Bundled TFR auto-detect script (B / Unkl worked on it somewhere else in this forum)
            • Pre-defined cfgLoadouts
            • Undocumented/unsupported/hand configured support for and/or objective prerequisites (i.e. unlock objective A when objective B and objective C have been completed)


            FULL CHANGE LOG

            CHANGED  Included scripts no longer bundled - Anvil will prompt to download if they are missing
            FIXED    Property grid was overlapping the status bar
            FIXED    Links could be made between ambient zones and objective markers
            ADDED    "Clear" objective type, an alias for "capture" objectives
            ADDED    "Destroy Ammo" objective type
            ADDED    "Destroy Helo" objective type
            ADDED    "Destroy UAV" objective type
            ADDED    "Helo Crash Intel" objective type
            ADDED    "Move through" objective type for convoy type missions
            ADDED    "Move to" objective type for convoy / RTB objectives
            ADDED    Randomise placement option, which if "true" places a destroy or intel objective randomly within the objective radius.
            ADDED    "Random objective order" mode which gives objectives in a different order each play through (see Angel Fire sample mission)
            ADDED    Dialog for adding new included scripts
            ADDED    Parameter on missions to manage your own briefing.sqf file
            ADDED    Dialog to edit briefing.sqf files
            ADDED    Check for valid ArmA 3 folder names on save
            ADDED    TacticalGamer's TaskForceRadio autodetect script
            ADDED    Set mission author
            ADDED    Add some default loadouts with a single click as an "included script"
            ADDED    Ability to ignore "over-occupation" LINT check on an objective
            ADDED    Lint Check for unoccupied ambient zones
            ADDED    Key objective captured victory trigger and ability to mark an unlimited number of objectives as "key"
            ADDED    Windows 8 look and feel
            ADDED    A whole new bunch of icons for objectives
            IMPROVED Increased maximum zoom in level by 50%
            IMPROVED Included scripts can be init line only (i.e. no bundled files)
            IMPROVED Included scripts now sorted by name
            FIXED    Intel mission was not JIP compatible
            FIXED    Two AA vehicles spawn for destroy AA objective type
            ADDED    Support for randomising objective placement within the given readius (destroy and intel type missions)
            ADDED    A script to create and populate an ammobox, AFW_fnc_populateAmmobox.
            ADDED    Support for a number of new objective types (Destroy Heli, Destroy UAV, Destroy Ammo, Move to, Move through, Crashed Heli Intel)
            ADDED    Optional random objective order on mission load
            ADDED    A set of cfgRespawnInventory loadouts which can be included with one click (WEST ONLY)
            ADDED    Ability to set "and" and "or" prerequisities in mission description - undocumented and not supported by the editor
            IMPROVED Changed the way infantry is spawned - now the strength number is allocated randomly between "buildings" and "patrols"
            IMPROVED Complete refactor of Anvil codebase, new folders and function prefix changed from FW to AFW
            IMPROVED The AFW_fnc_createAmmobox function now sets the global variable AFW_last_user_ammobox to the created ammobox
            IMPROVED Optionally specify the type of ammobox created by AFW_fnc_createAmmobox
            IMPROVED Intel briefcase now spawns in a randomly selected nearby building, if one is available (otherwise spawns on the marker)
            Please post any bugs / issues / suggestions here.

            DOWNLOAD LINK


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              Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

              5.4 Hotfix 1 has been deployed thanks to feedback on the BI forums:

              FIXED Incorrect reporting of version number in update checker where new framework version has breaking changes
              FIXED Error on start up with no maps in folder AND first time loaded
              I'm also providing a download with Altis and Stratis maps already included in the usual place


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                Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

                A user on the BI forums has pointed me in the right direction so I've been able to identify some pretty tricky little bugs. I'm testing a new version 5.4_fix_2 at the moment which will/should fix a long standing known issue where part empty mission.sqm files could be generated in some rare circumstances. The new version should be posted up later today.


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                  Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

                  Version 5.4 Hotfix 2 has now been released with the following change log:

                  FIXED Long standing issue with incomplete mission.sqm generation (Thanks to |r| Santa from the BI forums for helping debug)
                  FIXED Error when parsing some mission.sqm formats (caused by missing sections or use of scientific notation)
                  ADDED Line numbers and syntax highlighting to SQM Browser
                  Download is from the Version 5.4 downloads page. If you already have maps I suggest you download the smaller zip file and replace the contents in your Anvil Editor directory.


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                    Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

                    A huge number of maps are being released with v6.4, due any day now. Here is something that may be useful?



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                      Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

                      Version 6.5 is out and will shortly be available for download from Anvil Mission Framework for ArmA 3. Tactical Advance will be updated with the framework fixes ASAP. Changes made include:


                      - `FIXED` outdated link for TPW_CAS supported script (BI forums user _MaSSive)
                      - `FIXED` crash with incomplete supported scripts definition (#2)
                      - `FIXED` Opening a non-Anvil mission and converting to an Anvil mission doesn't save opened path #15
                      - `ADDED` one-click download of missing map images through the new mission dialog (#13)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Bornholm map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Bukovina map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Bystrica map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Desert map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Porto map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Rahmadi map, A3 version (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Sahrani map, A3 version (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Shapur map (#14)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Takistan Mountains map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` support for the Utes map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` *configuration* for the Aliabad map, no images posted due to no permission from author (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` *configuration* for the Hazar Kot map, no images posted due to no permission from author (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
                      - `ADDED` "shut up" trigger option in editor to stop AI radio chatter (#4)
                      - `ADDED` optional (anonymous) reporting of error messages to help Anvil improve using [sentry]( (#12)
                      - `ADDED` About 50 unit tests (at last)
                      - `IMPROVED` Mission ends by default when all objectives completed for new missions. To change this per mission, set Mission "Trigger on all completed" to `None`
                      - `IMPROVED` Update MahApps.Metro dependency to version `1.0.0`.


                      - `FIXED` The `AFW_fnc_globalHide` function no longer run every time a player JIPd
                      - `FIXED` objects hidden by `AFW_fnc_globalHide` can no longer be damaged
                      - `FIXED` Prevent EOS from overriding server skill settings and mods
                      - `FIXED` Prevent enemy from being spawned when objectives are completed using `AFW_fnc_doSetObjectiveState` #3
                      - `ADDED` Able to conditionally run `AFW_fnc_globalHide` depending on the completed state of an objective
                      - `IMPROVED` force multiplier now applied to infantry only #9
                      - `IMPROVED` ammo box contents better for larger player count missions #5, still a WIP


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                        Re: Anvil Editor Release Thread

                        If you are on version then you should upgrade to hotfix 6.5.2 available at the usual download link. This fixes one critical bug and addresses some missing config information.

                        FIXED in hotfix1 IncludedScripts were loaded from mission_description causing crash
                        FIXED in hotfix2 Added config for Aliabad and Hazar Kot as promised :)
                        IMPROVED in hotfix2 Slight grey background to main window to help viewing all white maps




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