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  • New missions by yours truly

    I have been a mission making mad man this last week. I've just completed the 7th new mission.

    5 of these missions have been made with Will's Anvil Editor (preview release). Today's event will run such a mission that will see how the chain of objectives and resupply and destroy objectives work.

    New missions
    1. AnvilBasherV1
    2. AnvilBasherV2
    3. AnvilBasherV3 - all three new small firefight missions
    4. co32 Eastern Towns - complete objectives in a custom chain, resupplies, new objective types
    5. co62 Neochori Sweep - capture the town of Neochori - lots of ambient ei - approach with caution and take the briefing to heart. One of my puzzle missions. Like other Anvil Missions it is scaleable so you can use all 62 players or a small team depending on how you set the parameters.
    6. Snakes & Ladders - co16 but not so easy to get into the enemy camp! Not made with Anvil Editor.
    7. TvT Chokepoint - recreation of an Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising team death match. Made this for fun. It's an interesting fight and could be fun.

    I'll give more details later. So busy creating stuff must take break.
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    Re: New missions by yours truly

    Nice work Unkl! Disappointed I'm going to miss the event debut of Anvil :( let me know if anything goes awry and I'm looking forward to reading the AAR!


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      Re: New missions by yours truly

      See this more like an test instead off an opening event. Still waiting for your tactical advance mission :).
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        Re: New missions by yours truly

        Yeah left it or a while to work on the editor... Next step is to make some missions!




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