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Update brings new scripting commands

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  • [INFO] Update brings new scripting commands

    SPOTREP #00034 | Dev Hub | Arma 3

    here are some good highlights that I personally like:
    Added: New MP-friendly function added for deleting crew in vehicles (deleteVehicleCrew)
    Added: Tooltips for Zeus item lists
    Added: New scripting commands setPosWorld, getPosWorld
    Added: New scripting commands - addBackpackGlobal and removeBackpackGlobal (0015298: addUniform is NOT Global - Arma 3 Feedback Tracker)
    Added: Script command scriptNull and isNull support for scripts were introduced (0014118: Add "scriptNull" command, pleeeeeeaaaase - Arma 3 Feedback Tracker)
    Fixed: ctrlSetPosition and ctrlPosition coordinates system for ControlObjects
    Fixed: assignAsCargo scripting command
    Fixed: getVariable on null objects
    Fixed: Unable to link common items (radio, map, compass, ...) to a soldier's slot from its containers (vest, uniform, backpack)
    Fixed: moveInCargo for Dedicated Servers
    Fixed: Not working getPosATL
    Changed: Scripting command serverCommandAvailable offers more available commands than can be processed through serverCommand
    Added: Mission event handler HandleDisconnect when a player disconnects from MP

    Added: New scripting command - getHit for getting damage by hit point selection name

    Added: New scripting commands isLightOn, isCollisionLightOn, setPilotLight, setCollisionLight
    Added: New scripting commands addWeaponTurret, removeWeaponTurret, turretLocal

    addWeaponTurret should be really helpful, add weapons to specific turre

    Scripting command local has been extended to work even for groups
    nearestObject finds objects which are out of the map frame
    Improved: Networking cost for weather synchronization
    Improved: Rotor ground collision test

    all around good improvements, making our lives easier everyday.
    Yink | Vanilla Pilot | Killer of Stirling | CS GOD | Projects Team



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