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End mission trigger tied to a single player

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  • End mission trigger tied to a single player

    Ok, I think this one is super easy. Something about "grouping" or "syncing" to the trigger to the player.

    I want the "Mission success" trigger to fire once a single player (rescued obviously) enters the trigger area.

    I've looked a bunch of videos, none like that.

    Thanks guys,


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    Re: End mission trigger tied to a single player

    You are on the right path. Choose the trigger tool and place a trigger on the map. You will notice that you only have a few options under "Activation" you can set if for Opfor, Blufor, Independent,Alpha,Bravo,ect...

    Now choose the group tool and then left click and drag from your hostage unit you want to set off the trigger then let go when the cursor indicates you are hovering above that trigger. Now go back into the trigger and you will see new options under "Activation" and the first one will be Vehicle.

    Vehicle - means only that unit (each soldier is a vehicle to the game)
    Whole Group - means every unit that is grouped with your unit must also meet your trigger conditions
    Group Leader - which ever unit is the leader of the group that contains the unit you selected must meet the trigger conditions
    Any group member - any group member as you would expect....

    I know, I remember taking a long time to re-find it when I was new to edting!
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