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  • [SOP] Mission Making - Putting Talents to Use

    To all in the Mission Making team:

    Each and every day we are hosting vanilla content on our server. We are running a maximum of 2 modded events per month and have had this rule in place for at least 6 months. This manages the back end workload to keep the admin team focused on the 3 square meals we need of unmodded A3 content on our server. So, although this rule is subject to change as A3 still develops, the launcher gets better and more content becomes accessible from the Steam Workshop, we can assume that this rule will extend for the foreseeable future.

    Those of you creating missions for the server. Remember that you have a far better chance of seeing your content make it to the server when you create it with no-mods required. The most valuable mission makers we have help create a stream of fresh content for our server for the 28 days of each month, all day, that we host vanilla content.
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