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    I'm sure I saw a thread recently asking about mission ideas. I could be wrong but roll this one into that one if I'm not.

    This may have been done before but I hatched an idea up while re watching zero dark thirty for about the 10th time.

    So...basically it's a zero dark thirty rip off. Fly a spec ops group into a foreign city to kidnap or kill a Hvt. There will be a complicated compound and guarded by sentries or other lightly armed patrols. Storm the compound, kill or capture the Hvt, capture the intel and extract.

    except...just like zero dark thirty the more time that goes by the more likely a significant response will be mounted by the enemy. Take too long and successive reinforcements make it a very difficult day for the spouses back home. Clear it efficiently and complete the job within a reasonable time and you call for extract successfully...somewhere in the middle is a mix of the two that may or may not allow you to extract successfully.

    That's my idea. Small team hvt extract in the face of possible mounting enemy resistance. If there was a way to make it dynamic each time IE different enemy reaction strength and different enemy reaction time ....that would be awesome.

    Just an idea. I know it's a mod but this would be awesome on a map like Kunduz.
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    Re: Scenario Idea

    I suppose it will pique the interest of the player base. This is probably suitable for an event mission.
    I'll have a look into the mission editing toolbox and see what we (fellow mission makers) can do.

    Thanks for the idea [MENTION=6851]Grunt 70[/MENTION]

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