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  • CO59 zargabad ops

    I created this thread for feedback on the mission CO59 zargabad ops.

    I could really use some feedback on pretty much everything. Trying out a lot off different and new things in this mission.
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    Re: CO59 zargabad ops

    Originally posted by woesterudolf View Post
    I created this thread for feedback on the mission CO59 zargabad ops.

    I could really use some feedback on pretty much everything. Trying out a lot off different and new things in this mission.
    Played yesterday and last night.

    I really like the map. Size, variety and detail perfect for full map scale event and the day-to-day player counts I experience. Also a tough mission. Good mix of CQB and ranged engagements. Enemy density overall was very very high. Another plus was the player location and map handling. Not having any player indications of location forces landmark navigation. I really like this, and on this map given it's size and distinctive geography it make learning how to do this achievable for everyone.

    Only a couple of suggestion:

    - Frames were a problem. I don't know if it was CQB or Civilian pop settings but in the city frames would drop significantly (at the start to un-playable levels until Unkl adjusted and reset the server).
    - FOB / Suppot. We were able to move aresenals up manually but holding territory as the squad moved on was unclear. Suggest enabling the Player Support function with ALiVE to allow AI supply and transport functions of things like static weapons, bunkers, simple static AI etc... . With a large team this isn't needed (assuming you have FOB supplies somewhere on the map) but with the 4-8 sized team something 'AI" is needed to hold territory against the ALiVE OPCOM.
    - Ai reinforcement. Seems scaled for a larger player count event. Though we progressed through about 66% of the map it felt a bit too difficult for our 5-6 man team. Player support module maybe helps scalability of a mission based on actual player counts even if a Zeus admin is not available

    Just some suggestions. Had a blast. I'm sure there will be more detailed AAR's. We made it all the way to the last compound north of Shabahz before we were completely over-run by infantry, while 30+ EI parachuted in behind us at the airport, barely escaping on a severely damaged auto-rotating chopper, only to be shot down by a reinforcing AI RPG soldier, resulting in a stolen truck and a riverbed retreat to base.

    good fun.

    Thanks for the mission.

    Nice job to Wilco for coordinating us all....


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      Re: CO59 zargabad ops

      Last night was pretty intense, and I may have gotten too carried away playing and stayed up way later than I should have. Zargabad is one of my favorite maps in the Cup Pack and I greatly enjoyed playing this mission. I think this map works well with small teams, and last night team was great as always.
      Last night, No one person was ever really leading, but we still worked as a team listening to anyone that had an idea about how to overcome a particular situation.

      I will start with some of the issues I noticed before I get in to the really long AAR(total of like 6 hours mission time):

      -1. Respawn is set to the spot the player died instead of back at the main base. This played both a blessing and as a curse during the night.
      -2. Enemy spawn rate became higher the more south we pushed, until we were finding ourselves in the middle of dozens of fire teams or even sqauds. As CanaDave pointed out, we had a 30+ EI drop complete with vehicles over the airfield.(it was nice that the Enemy CAS actually flew through the drop killing several)
      -3. FPS was low once we hit the city; personally I would dip to 12 during most fighting, and 24-30 during peace.
      -4. The idea of capturing the entire map is great, but I really wish there was away to say that we captured this compound/village/sector and give clear indication of what areas we need to move on to next or move back to avoid losing. We ran into a few moments where we cleared out a sector, and wasn’t sure where to move next as we were fighting EI in every direction even after we cleared the previous sector. We basically applied the idea, “when in doubt, move south” where we would just keep moving south to the next sector after EI became reduced.

      Note: I reference some Points on a Map, but i cannot display the map so, yeah.. However a few Screen shots from the mission are on my Steam profile Public folder so it can be found there.


      So I will start after the majority of the group DCed leaving 3-4 left( I’m sorry I can’t remember when who joined exactly, but I remember Dylan, Hotdog Symmetry, CanaDave, GREGORsamsa, and gamma).
      We started clearing compounds at the northern edge of Zargabad on the dirt road near Nango, moving using vehicles then getting out and clearing building as we go. When reached the compound marked wp2 on the map we got eyes on most of the city and frames dropped as we could see EI in the Airfield and western half of Zargabad. After an extended fire fight we shot down an enemy chopper to which Dylan repaired and used to scout out Nango to the west. Dylan got a bit carried away and flew directly over multiple enemy AA vehicles and was shot down. The remaining team mounted up and decided to return to base to rearm and recover Dylan who we assumed would respawn back to base. However we learned that respawn doesn’t work that way and that Dylan was respawning in front of EI and getting killed over and over again.

      Part 1 Operation: Save Private Dylan

      This became our own little side mission dubbed “Operation: Save Private Dylan” where we had to assault Nango and recover our downed helo pilot who’s exact location was unknown and the last transmission from the pilot that was that he had bailed out over the Nango Factory and was surrounded by multiple enemy vehicles ranging from technical’s to Armed APC’s and several full squads of EI with reinforcements converging on his location. With only 2(sorry again, I forgot who was with me, hotdog?) of us left to fight we loaded up a Kuma and moved to the marker wp3, a large hill 1km Northeast of Nango. We destroyed as many enemy Vic’s as possible before taking an AT missile that detracked the tank forcing us to move on foot. We regained radio communications with the pilot who gave us his exact location. Having secured an enemy unarmed pickup we quickly moved into the factory and grabbed the pilot and withdrew back to the Kuma. The pilot/engineer repaired the tank and we withdrew back to base as enemy reinforcements began to arrive in the factory. The arrival back at base was met by a JIP and marked the end of my mission time for 45minutes or so.

      Part 2: Fall of Zargabad

      When I rejoined the team had fought back to marker “:DDD”.(the marker was on the road between Nango in the Northwest and Zaragabad) Once I regrouped with the team and we took down another helo and brought another JIP forward. We advanced into Zargabad proper, using multiple technical’s to clear the way(4 total) we started fighting the EI moving in town and destroyed an enemy arty that was in town. We moved through town clearing out block by block as we went and eventually cleared a military compound gaining us access to a “special box”. I moved back and forth moving up Arsenals to create temporary FOB’s as we went. The Team moved to a Mosque in the center of town and after a bit of fighting we created another FOB in the market at the crossroads. We used 2 Gorgons to sweep around the southern and Eastern sides of the town before heading to the Airfield. After a minor fender-bender ARMA style we loss a Gorgon, but gained a Scorcher. Hotdog took the Scorcher back to our base and set up long range artillery support enabling us to clear out more stubborn enemy positions. This became crucial as the enemy spawn rate increased drastically after capturing the airbase. Eventually we cleared out the remaining forces in the airfield and repealed an enemy counter attack. All the while Hotdog and GREGORsamsa coordinated fire onto outlying enemy positions in the south. This went well until we lost the Scorcher to CAS and had to capture another scorcher gunned by Dylan.

      Part 3: Our Alamo

      With Zargabad firmly in our hands and only minor contacts outside of the city me and CanaDave moved south to Yarum to regroup with GREGORsamsa. Using a technical we came to the southern edge of Yarum and saw a field filled with the bodies of dead EI and vehicles all taken out by a combination of GREGORsamsa and his coordination with Hotdog and now Dylan in the scorchers. After exhausting the remaining ammo in the Technical we moved up to the smaller compound and cleared out the enemy inside. Suddenly 2 enemy helos appear and drop off EI right outside the compound. We engage and clear both helos then begin moving under fire to the next compound. This compound became our Alamo with enemy reinforcements appearing on all sides and directly assaulting the compound entering through the numerous breaks in the walls. As someone pointed out, the Ai were actually stacking up on the walls then entering and clearing the compound attacking us from behind and even crawling under the wall and shooting our feet. The fighting was fierce and ammo was running dry, everyone had to drop our main weapons and start using weapons and ammo from the special boxes in the compound. Eventually Dylan (having used all his ammo) charged in with his scorcher and rejoined us, and at the same time Hot Dog flew in with an arsenal to provide us with supplies. However, a communication breakdown lead to HotDog landing over 200m west of the compound in the field and resulted in his repeated death as he would pick up the arsenal, carry it as far as he could before getting kill, waiting, respawning and repeating.

      Part 4: Tactical Withdraw

      Eventually we gained the much need resupply and started fighting back. That is until we saw the 30+ EI start dropping in, at this point our morale broke down and talks of starting a new mission began as the mission difficulty became too great for a 5 man team to handle. However we agreed that at the very least we would withdraw back to base and consider it a victory. Someone suggested that we make a run for the chopper and try to take off while we still had time. We stacked up and started running into the open taking fire from the left, right, front and back. We fired back on the move but kept moving until I got hit. Hotdog reached the chopper first and started spooling up, CanaDave tried dragging me to the chopper while Dylan covered, eventually we were all down. We waited for the respawn and rushed again with Dylan flying, he got it off the ground, but the damage received from before had sent to chopper into a spin, Me and CanaDave fired LMG’s out the rear trying to atleast keep the enemy heads down while Dylan got us going, heading south and setting a course to skirt the edge of the map. This planned worked until a lone AA patrol of 2 knocked us out of the sky. Wanting to call it quits we respawned and set out on revenge on the them, wasting almost all our ammo, before noticing a Static MG, a mortar team, and a 6X6 truck. Seeing a chance to escape again we moved on the position taking 2 casualties as the mortar dropped shells on our advance. The remaining 2 got the truck as we respawned. I drove the truck along the dirt road along the Eastern edge of the map then getting into the river bed to avoid driving through town. I preformed what I thought was an impressive barrel roll in the truck and we speed back into base. We actually forgot to inform GREGORsamsa that we had escaped as he had flown into rescue us after reslotting and respawing back at base. Upon his return to base we took a few photos and called it a night


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        Re: CO59 zargabad ops

        I updated the mission:

        *Fixed the respawn (removed the bis module and put down a marker)
        *Limited the active groups from 74 to 52.
        * removed the long range scope from the arsenal
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          Re: CO59 zargabad ops

          Request: make the music go away!

          High priority: Put back in Name Tags. I like the no map markers, but its freaking annoying to be right next to someone have no idea who they are...
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            Re: CO59 zargabad ops

            Noyava, press your AppMenu key (right side of right windows), Player Options, Enable Player Tags ;) its in ALiVE already.
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              Re: CO59 zargabad ops

              :) took me a while to figure that out too Noy :)

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                Re: CO59 zargabad ops

                some people dont have that key... sucks for them...




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