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CUP Terrains - pre Apex planning

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  • CUP Terrains - pre Apex planning

    Anyone who is creating any content for CUP Terrains should PM me immediately. I need to assess where we are at and what may be coming down the pipe within the next couple weeks. If you are starting a project on one of these terrains you may want to hold off or at the very least talk to me prior putting in a bunch of time on it.

    In preparing for the Apex release we are looking at consolidating back to one instance for several reasons. I just don't want to squash some project of yours before I even know about it. So, it is imperative to get a hold of me if you have a mission in the oven using this mod set.
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    Re: CUP Terrains - pre Apex planning

    I've got a Zargabad mission at 75% but I can wait.

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