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Discussion - Upcoming New Mission Requirements

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  • Discussion - Upcoming New Mission Requirements

    Hey guys,

    We want to be sure to get this right the first time. We also want to ensure that all our mission makers have had a chance to have advance notice and participation in the new goals of our ACE Coop server and what the mission requirement rules are going to be to meet those goals.

    So we have already had a LOT of great discussion and feedback via our #missiondev channel within Discord. So I want to just start here by sharing some of the work the admin team has been doing in the back room to prepare the release of the mission template and our new rules. This is so we all are ready to dev when the template is completed. We don't want to have you mad at us because you put 2 weeks of work into a mission you didn't read was not going be uploaded due to the new rules.

    So I'm going to be really straightforward and share our draft as is at this's rough, it's a draft, it may change, it is still under discussion at the admin level. Hey we need to understand what and why we are doing first and foremost don't you agree?? lol


    We know that community members volunteer their time to develop their talent and visions for different scenarios. They invest a lot of themselves to create this content. Those that don't make missions, truly have no idea how much effort it takes until consistently great results are achieved.

    However, we must balance our creative license with the needs of our community. We know TG isn't here to cater to every style. There is a framework which admins are going to enforce to ensure the missions are consistent with what we are trying to offer.

    These consistencies have to do with these areas:
    • consistent interface and experience
    • consistent settings for addons
    • consistent indications of mission difficulty
    • consistent indications of intended target number of players
    • consistent use of mission briefings to get relevant details to leaders
    • consistent use of group organization (roles and teams)
    • varying degrees of difficulty but yet never so over the top to feel like a bad action movie
    • consistent time frames so we know we can join a game and not feel like we might let the team down if we can only lead for an hour or so
    • consistent missions that end - preventing leadership burnout or the "whatever you want" syndrome
    • consistent asset availability and management - no respawn or limited respawn
    • consistent gear and arsenal options - gear up and enroute fast - faster is even better
    • consistently no sitting in the back of a vehicle for long lengths of time for players

    These are our goals. Now our rules are going to help us get there together.

    Mission Requirements (Rules)
    Here is a list of the hard and fast rules which will get us to our goals. They are not listed in any particular order.
    1. No zues only missions. Zeus can be enabled only for admin/pathfinders but all missions have end conditions and time limits.
    2. No dynamically created long play scenarios. We already have H&M & Insurgency for this purpose and we won't have a lot of variations of them.
    3. Missions should utilize the mission timer and end at 75 minutes at most. This will allow for 15 minute gear time and an hour of play. Variations will be considered for good reasons via CAA.
    4. Mission end conditions are tested and working for MP. Success, fail and time out conditions.
    5. Mission briefings shall consist of all the categories as included in the template. If the intel provided isn't good enough or the mission doesn't have the means to gather this intel, then it will not be uploaded.
    6. Conventional organizations will conform to TGU standards. Non-conventional organizations will be a subject for CAA discussion and approval.
    7. Gear and vehicle assets will be limited proportional to the mission. This is written as a guideline directive and that is because the intent is difficult to communicate for every imaginable scenario. Talk to the admins via CAA about your scenario if you are unsure. Vehicle respawns are generally limited to only a few quadbikes for JIP but otherwise use the ticket system as rarely necessary.
    8. Use of the following TG functions is necessary unless your scenario is a special case (as per a CAA post)
      • Server
        • Mission Timer
        • If All Players Dead
      • Client
        • Get Short Radio
        • Get Long Radio
        • Reprogram Radios
        • Squad UI
    9. No players will sit in a vehicle cargo area for longer than 15 min by mission design.
    10. All ACE settings will be over written by the submissions team to server standards. Exceptions, if granted, will be through the CAA.
    11. Difficulty will be related to the intended number of players. Difficulty will be indicated as per submission naming standards. (See Mission Submission Standards).
    12. Any other rules as deemed by the submission team or admins as as yet unforeseen.

    We recognize that sometimes there is a good reason for an exception. Use the CAA if you think you have a good case for an exception to be granted. Not doing so will result in the mission being denied.
    MISSION SUBMISSION PROCESS - updates to requirements and standards for submitting missions are coming
    |TG189| Unkl
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