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Operation ares feedback.

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  • Operation ares feedback.

    Looking for things to fix, change, or any overall points.

    Pro Patria

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    Re: Operation ares feedback.

    Remove the radio chatter, its really annoying. Replace the A10 with a harrier GBU so that even in the hands of a good pilot it cant pwn without a spotter. Remove some of the tanks and APCs as the armor leaves nothing for infantry. Add some IEDs or landmines.
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      Re: Operation ares feedback.

      zedic i love the idea behind the mission, and with abit more tweaking it will be a brilliant mission so for feedback here my suggestions
      • More enemy infantry
      • harder AI
      • Less armour on blufor side
      • remove that "new mission" stuff. i found it real annoying

      also for consideration, there is a vehicle respawn script that allows you to change how many respawns you can have and how long between respawns.

      so maybe you could have a limit of 2 cas aircraft but on a 10 min respawn timer.
      just an idea


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        Re: Operation ares feedback.

        i have to agree with socom. the infantry was useless beside spotting the caches,and the harrier is a very good idea.

        remove the 2 abrams, this way the lavs wont able to be used as rush/assault machines but will have to rely on infantry to take out theyr main treat (enemy tanks).

        if u decide to leave tanks in, dont use TUSKS, they almost unkillable in the current game state and can sustain 5 rpg hits without a scratch

        i think 2 lavs squads could be replaced by 2 Hmmv squads, having one unarmed and a m240 Hmmv in each. give the land vehicles, like a 10 min respawn timer to balance the fact there is less firepower, but still make a big penality for loosing a vehicle.

        there is another solution that might be interesting to be tested in the current setup, crank the AI Rpg / squadleaders skill slider all the way up :D, but that might be alot of work considering there is lot of AI


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          Re: Operation ares feedback.

          Awesome mission. I think replace A-10 with a Cobra ;)

          Beautiful mission though


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            Re: Operation ares feedback.

            Since I played most of this mission last night, I have a couple things to say. First, really good mission, good objectives(though the cache search could become tedious but not really bad), nice fun path to take across Chernarus.

            Just one thing though, the resistance early on is way too limited for infantry(I missed the last objective since I had to leave early). Our squad was able to just walk through the first couple towns without taking any significant fire or meeting many enemies, I'm not sure if the A-10 was just clearing everything before we got there or it just wasn't on our side, but it was limited contact on the outskirts that the LAVs quickly took care of and then really a safe walk through the town after that, no enemies left in the area. I don't know if that's an issue with the AI though, perhaps the AI prefers to meet with force on the outside of a town instead of falling back and trying to ambush as enemy forces enter. That could be it since of the games I've played in ArmA2 urban combat just didn't seem to work as well as it did in ArmA1.




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