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My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

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  • My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

    Three days ago our plane C-130 Hercules was forced by enemy jets to land on military airport in Chernarus. Crew was arested. Oficially, the plane got lost and flew into Chernarus airspace accidently.
    Really, crew on the board of C-130 was doing intelligence reconnaissance. Of course, U.S. government is denying everything. However, we can't play this game any longer, because equipment of the plane shows that we are lying. It would be best if crew, together with the plane just came back to U.S. We have green light. If everything go they way it suppose, Chernarus government won't be able to give out any evidence and we will make it look as rescue of pilots from hostile country.


    Our president called Dmitrij Miedwiediew just yesterday and Russians were so kindly to let us use one of their bases, which is located close the Chernarus border.

    Our objectives:

    1. Cross the border and take out enemy AA defences, which are located just north from the border.

    2. Destroy enemy AA radar. This will let our helicopters to go farther into enemy territory.

    3. Take over the plane C-130 which actually is on the military airport and rescue its crew.

    **In optimistic variant**, this plane will be used for evacuation. Our command wants it back.

    (If enemy forces are to strong to handle, just destroy the plane, so they stay with nothing and evacuate back to Russian territory).

    4. **Optional... if you will be evacuating on foot, this is not necessary.**
    Destroy jets of Chernarus Airforce, which are stationed on the same airport.

    5. **Optional** We heard about Chernarus army killing civilians, who opposed their government. There are some mass graves and we want pictures of it, to show to the world. We are attacking another country and this will make us look better.

    Remember, the key is to stay down and quiet as long as possible. If Chernarus government find out about us, they will send army and police units. There might be just too many of them to fight back.


    Mission is pretty much finished, I did put a lot of effort and time to make it look realistic and good. The only thing to be done is briefing, so I think everything should be ready by friday. I hope we can all play it :)

    PS: There is only one Arma 2 sub-forum, so I'm not sure if I wrote the topic in good place.
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    Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

    Moved to Mod and Mission Development Forum.

    It sounds pretty cool. Hope you submit it to the Mission Depot soon.
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      Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

      This sounds like a great mission. Seriously.

      Maybe you can add a Dick Cheney to order everyone to torture people as part of the 'shock and awe' experience. Not seriously.


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        Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

        Originally posted by AMosely View Post
        This sounds like a great mission. Seriously.

        Maybe you can add a Dick Cheney to order everyone to torture people as part of the 'shock and awe' experience. Not seriously.
        ROTFL :)

        There is few side objectives that I did not write here, because it's better to keep it as a surprise. I tried to show normal civil life that is going on in Chernarus, because there is no war going on. So, players need to watch for civilians, etc...

        Also, mission has 2 minutes respawn (idk, I should decrease respawn time or increase?), and vehicle respawn at the base.


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          Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

          I have little surprise for you guys, mission have been finished.

          Few things that were changed or added to mission, since my first post:

          - increased amount of players to 30

          - more civilians living in the towns

          - every road that is crossing the Russia-Chernorus border, has its border (customs) checkpoint

          - few soldiers with AA launchers scattered around the map

          - respawn 60 sec for players and vehicle respawn at the base 30 sec

          - extended briefing

          - mission has open ending, means objectives are not beign checked as "Done"

          - mission ends when commander decides that all tasks have been completed

          *Please leave a credit for me, if changing/editing the mission :)

          Link for megaupload:
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            Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

            We were just playing it and i only got halfway through before my game crashed but i noticed a few little init line things that should be changed.
            - The cobra is on a 30 second re spawn, personally i am against any cobra at all, but if your determined to keep it then you should at least make it a 30 minute re spawn as right now there is virtually no penalty to losing it.

            - The vehicles are on a 2min despawn, this needs to be changed as it is REALLY annoying. here is the line i use in the init for my small vehicles, veh = [this, 120, 0, 10, TRUE, FALSE] execVM "vehicle.sqf" of course that is assuming you used the vehicle respawn script from armaholic by Tophe. the 0 in the middle means they wont despawn. for the cobra it would look something like this, veh = [this, 1800, 0, 10, TRUE, FALSE] execVM "vehicle.sqf" Which means the Cobra would respawn in 1800 seconds or 30mins and would not despawn.
            Other then that it seemed good, its kinda long, but once people play it a few times they should be able to get through it faster. Overall and awesome mission.


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              Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

              Shock and Awe V2.0 is basicly done, tonight or tomorrow will be send for upload, after I make sure everything is working. There is a lot of changes and things added:

              Originally posted by V2.0

              - added UAV and UAV Terminal, which let only Squad and Team Leaders to use UAV

              - fixed disappearing briefing

              - deleted Cobra and Ospreys, now we have 2 UH1A and 2 MH60

              - added 1 TOW Hmmvw

              - fixed vehicle respawn (vehicles do not respawn back to base if left empty)

              - decreased amount of markers on the map

              - increased amount of enemy on the map

              - created prison in which C130 Crew is being hold. It's near town south-west of enemy airport

              - more enemy patrols, also enemy airbase has much better defenses

              - added enemy chopper

              - moved AA site, little bid to south, it will let AA to attack our choppers, even near the border

              - players play as 3 Teams of 9 people each, 2 pilots and 1 sniper

              - and few more things...


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                Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

                Version 2.0 is out, with all the features posted above and even more :).

                * DOWNLOAD LINK:


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                  Re: My Coop mission Shock and Awe (24 players)

                  This is the last fix I'm making for this mission. Briefing should work now, also spotter added for sniper team.

                  Download v2.0a - >




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