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cm.'s Mission Feedback Thread

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  • cm.'s Mission Feedback Thread


    Please use this thread for any mission feedback :)

    Could a mod please change the title to "cm.'s Mission Feedback Thread".

    Current Missions:
    coop39 Reclaiming the Land
    Last edited by cm.; 07-20-2009, 12:45 AM.

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    Re: coop39 Reclaiming the Land (No JIP, No Respawn)

    Yes your mission was uploaded to the coop Alpha Server.

    I've also changed the name of your thread as requested.

    Now next time please follow the full directions at the very top of the Mission Depot Submissions Thread and pay close attention to following the template and note at the bottom so you don't have to ask us every time if your mission has been uploaded. Sorry if I come off as a pain but we've set up this system for a reason and it would help us out alot if you followed it.

    Mission Submission Template

    Please use the following template when submitting your missions.
    • DATE: The date of submission
    • MISSION NAME: What the mission is called
    • FILE NAME: This is normally different than the mission, we need the exact .pbo name. Please also name it something along the lines of Awesome_mission_CoOp 26.sara.pbo. This tells out of game (on the server box) what the mission is about.
    • VERSION: Final Version #, we are not accepting missions that are in Beta and/or have not been tested on a dedicated server.
    • MODS: What Mods are required to play with it
    • TvT or CoOp: This helps us decide which server to put it on
    • # PLAYER SLOTS: How many can play in game; min and Max
    • DOWNLOAD LINK: Where it is hosted
    • BRIEF DESCRIPTION: What it is all about

    Notice! All threads will be deleted once the mission has been uploaded to the server. This will help us track what needs to be uploaded. We will maintain a historical record of all missions posted. Do not PM the admins asking when it will get uploaded, we try and do it daily, but there are times when it is not feasible due to server traffic. If you find your post gone, that FOR SURE means that it has been uploaded to the server.

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      Re: coop39 Reclaiming the Land (No JIP, No Respawn)

      Sorry! First time posting a mission so just wanted to make sure :)




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