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Location Idea for Mission--just a thought.

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  • Location Idea for Mission--just a thought.

    **edit**Forum mod...can you move this to the proper sticky thread above. Thanks

    I'm trying to learn how to use the mission editor but you all are the relative experts. I'll keep reading the tutorials and keep learning but I had an idea for a mission scenario I thought I'd throw out to you experienced map makers.

    People have been calling for small unit action. I think a great scenario would involve a spec ops mission to blow the dam in Pobeda, NW of Krasnostav. Ostensibly the dam must be blown to flood the valley below and prevent the Russians from reinforcing their existing forces. This operation is critical to secure the Northern flank of the US invasion force.

    Just an idea. I'm tooling around with it myself now but at this point I've only built simple single player missions using the editor. Just this week I learned how to use waypoints and now I'm trying to figure out triggers. But I have no idea how to port the mission over to MP or to how to include any kind of scripting. (Assuming scripting is necessary)

    I'm thinking night time airdrop off a C130 or Osprey in sketchy weather. Overland to the dam avoiding patrols at all costs until the dam is destroyed. Fighting withdrawal to the LZ. Perhaps even include destruction of air assets at the nearby airfield as an objective. This fits nicely with spec ops pre invasion activities. or......C-130 drops both spec ops and an assault team at the airfield. Spec ops and assault team must neutralize base security and destroy AA so the C130 can land safely. Assault team holds airfield against enemy counterattacks while spec op teams goes overland to their mission at the dam. Assault forces must hold airport until spec ops team return for extract. C130 could carry vehicle or vehicles for spec ops mission.

    These are just some random thoughts. I'll keep working on it on my side but feel free to claim artistic license and run with this idea. I'd love to see a polished mission using these scenarios.

    Thanks for all the excellent missions guys.
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    Re: Location Idea for Mission--just a thought.

    Few issues:

    The dam doesn't blow
    The dam is bugged (I think that's the one anyway).




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