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  • Mission idea - Dusk Eagle

    Had an idea for this mission, but gone are the days of my mission making prime, so I'll post it up on here for someone to have a crack at.

    The mission is a Blu-for co-op mission, designed for 9 players, though I'm sure a creative mission maker could think of other player positions.


    After a daring raid on a Russian prison (not in the mission) a 6 man spec op team, along with their currently un-armed news reporter/civ/anyone, start in some woods nearby the north-west Airfield which is under Russian control.

    There are small garrisons in all the nearby villages, one of which has some empty vodniks in, however, this is the heavier garrisoned of the lot. There are also civilian vehicles and a civilian population littering the landscape.

    The Spec op team need extraction, they are deep in enemy territory, however, due to 'complications' the only air transport avaliable is a Hercules (CJ-130 I think?) stationed on the island to the south-east.

    The Spec op team must quickly and efficiently capture the runway of the lightly guarded Airbase, in order to allow the Hercules to land and pick them up. While the Airbase is lightly Guarded, there is a heavy infantry garrison nearby, which are certain to counterattack. The Spec op team must hold them off until the transport has arrived.

    The mission is intended to be played at dusk, with the intention of the light fading by the time the transport arrives.

    I've tried getting the AI to land a C130 quickly and pick people up but it takes a good five minutes just to turnaround!

    If the VIP dies, the mission is a faliure, however, the team must still get extracted.

    If anyone played 'Hidden and Dangerous' back in the day, you may notice there was a mission very similar to this where a lancaster bomber came by to pick you're team up. I loved that mission, and this is essentially a 're-make'.

    Let me know what you think! :)

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    Re: Mission idea - Dusk Eagle

    Probably should post it in there.


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      Re: Mission idea - Dusk Eagle

      Ah, my bad! When I read that sticky I thought he was referring to this whole forum section, not that particular thread. I'll post it there, thanks!


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        Re: Mission idea - Dusk Eagle

        Seems ok, a bit unrealistic though that a small spec op squad can hold an entire airfield by themselves. Maybe if it was a 20 man mission or something it would make a bit more sense. Maybe you could make it that the only way of extraction is via helicopter.

        and you can either:

        1) Clear the AA sites throughout the island so the chopper can land
        2) walk 4-5km through enemy infested towns/forest to a safe location where the helicopter can land.




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