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  • WAC Mission framework

    So, I've released a few versions of a mission framework I have been working on, figured I should get a thread up to explain the features, bugs, limitations, and plans for it.

    First of all, I would like to thank Bert for all of his help in making the many scripts involved in this framework. Without his help, tons of the awesome features would be nothing more than a dream.

    - Draggable ammo crates and mortars
    - Loadable (into trucks) ammo crates and mortars
    - Rallypoint system
    - Scoreboard dialog which displays all groups, and shows the negative score of all players who have incurred team damage (also for other sides)
    - Disposable AT weapon system
    - Paraflare system
    - Mortar artillery system (BIS Module)
    - Mortar rearm system
    - Limited respawn system
    - Alternative crosshair system
    - Alternative nametag system
    - Vehicle towing system
    - Spectator script
    - Weapon angle measurement system
    - AI artillery support
    - AI strategic support
    - AI respawn

    Known Issues
    - Sometimes the player nametags will stop working, no way to get them back, disconnecting and reconnecting does not solve
    - You can exploit the mortar rearm system
    - If you die while holding a launched disposable AT weapon, it can be used again
    - Dragged objects can sometimes be teleported into the ocean when there is a lot of desync
    - You can drag objects when players are in them
    - AI mortars can be very accurate and deadly

    Planned Features
    - Update mortar rearm system, have magazines separate and a limited amount
    - Get crate unloading to be smoother
    - Attempt to fix disposable AT exploit
    - Crew restrictions on vehicles, ie: mortars
    - Make MH-60 crate loadable
    - Allow MTVRs to tow vehicles/objects

    The main reason for making this mission is to create a framework for coop and adversarial missions that can be easily made with many features common to each mission.

    Currently, I am looking to complete the light infantry coop mission and then working on a light infantry adversarial mission. I'll probably move on to mechanized infantry after that, with some APCs. Again, a coop first, then adversarial. Depending on how well the mission is received, many more could be easily made, same thing, but in a different area.

    I appreciate everyone's patience and willingness to test out missions, it is extremely helpful to be able to test missions with a high player count. I am attempting to streamline things as best as possible to have as little impact on performance as possible. I am not going to release a "proper" mission until I am reasonably satisfied all the major issues and bugs are sorted out.

    Mission crashes like Friday night are probably the worst problem - and the hardest - to solve, so again I appreciate everyone's effort and help in solving these issues.

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    Re: WAC Mission framework

    Beita and Bert...thanks for all the hard work. I always thought your missions in ARMA were the best I played. Especially the objective based tvt missions. Never a snipe fest...always a joy to participate in. I'm sure more of the same is coming for ARMA 2
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      Re: WAC Mission framework

      I've always liked beta's missions for the no nonsense, low tech-ness. Looking forward to playing them again.
      Stuff like putting ammo crates into vehicles, disposable AT and towing vehicles sounds awesome.


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        Re: WAC Mission framework

        Thanks beita and bert for all your hard work! We will be looking forward to the WAC missions.

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          Re: WAC Mission framework

          Keep em coming Beta, thoroughly enjoyed playing..err testing it.

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            Re: WAC Mission framework

            Posting this so I don't forget to tell you later:

            After dragging the Ordinance Boxes around, they seem to disappear after you get "off" the dragging.

            I haven't tested this with the other boxes and the Mortars yet due to fear of losing those too.

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              Re: WAC Mission framework

              Bit late, but here is the briefing:

              WAC Test Briefing

              Bert for the many scripts in the mission
              beta for the mission itself
              Gameplay Notes
              - Players will respawn at main base, spawn time 10 seconds.
              - You can turn nametags on or off with the 'Teamswitch' key (default is 't')
              - To use your Section rallypoint or the Platoon rallypoint, go to the LAV-25 HQ Vehicle at the main base and point your cursor at it. There is a countdown timer, you may only teleport when the message tells you the teleport is avaliable.
              - Section and Platoon Rallypoints can be overun by enemy forces if they move within 250m radius of the RP.
              - Only Crewmen can operate armoured vehicles.
              - Only Pilots can operate air vehicles.
              - Mortars can be rearmed from Ordnance Crates. The Ordnance Crate must be within 5 meters of the mortar and the mortar must have  less than 2 magazines left.
              - M136 AT4 Launchers are now single shot, disposable weapons. They do not require ammunition, reload once and fire weapon, it will automatically be disgarded after firing.
              Friendly Forces:
              - Rifle Platoon with an overstrength Weapons Section
              - 4 MTVR trucks
              ++ Commander's Intent ++
              Occupy the objective areas and hold them against counter-attacks
              ++ Movement Plan ++
              At the commander's discretion
              ++ Fire Support Plan ++
              At the commander's discretion
              ++ Tasks ++
              - Occupy Objective Romeo
              - Occupy Objective Foxtrot
              - Seize and occupy both Objectives Romeo and Foxtrot, hold them against any counter-attacks
              ++ Enemy Forces ++
              One overstrength Rifle Platoon (4 Rifle Sections, 1 Platoon HQ) and a Mortar team
              The Rifle Platoon is believed to be patrolling between the objectives and is also believed to be holding the objectives
              Expect the enemy to be reinforcing their Rifle Platoon as they take casualties, also expect enemy MG nests on the objectives
              ++ Friendly Forces ++
              Rifle Platoon with an overstrength Weapons Section
              - 3 Rifle Sections
              - 1 Weapons Section with an extra Mortar team
              - 1 Platoon HQ
              Thanks to fuzzhead for making up this HTML.


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                Re: WAC Mission framework

                The other day I took your Co39_WAC mission (the one vs Pushtoshka and Myshkino) which we played on TG Fri night and added the high command module to it, then did a three player on the LAN with my two kids joining in. It worked great. When the dead GLs respawn or if the PL dies and respawn, the HC module functionality remained with them. So I was pretty pleased. Thanks for the work, you've don a fine job on this framework..

                Also sorry if this is an obvious question but is the framework itself with documentation available anywhere for DL. Didnt see it on armaholic...



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                  Re: WAC Mission framework

                  We played v108 today and the mission worked pretty well despite the disappearing ordinance boxes. We ended up failing the mission after 20+ casualties taken mostly from enemy artillery fire.

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                    Re: WAC Mission framework

                    Anything more particular on the boxes disappearing?

                    Did you try other objects? When were they disappearing, when dragging? On loading? Unloading? How many players? Was there any desync?

                    Not sure what is causing it.


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                      Re: WAC Mission framework

                      Clicked drag Ordinance Box.

                      Dragged it over there ---->

                      Stood up from crouching position to drop it.

                      It disappears.

                      No dsync at time or before time of drag. There was no loading or unloading, just dragging from point a to point b.

                      Full server so 35 or 39 players I don't remember what the max is.

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                        Re: WAC Mission framework

                        Good to hear no further crashing maybe was fixed or just an anomaly last time


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                          Re: WAC Mission framework

                          good stuff, looking forward to the final release.




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