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  • FOB Viking Feedback

    I know the author wanted to know what was up with the mission and I didn't see any other threads.

    Biggest issue is that the pilot was locked out of all of the vehicles at the airbase, couldn't get into the blackhawk to provide support. There were also contacts around that base that forced him to respawn.

    On respawning. Respawning is broken, sometimes people would spawn out in the middle of the ocean.

    That was about it since we couldn't get very far since people couldn't respawn right and the blackhawk couldn't provide support so we switched to the next misison.

    EDIT: Opened it in the editor and there is an invisible respawn west 1 marker in the ocean next to the Game Logic -server.

    EDIT 2: Oh, and just for helpfulness could the main base be made a bit bigger? A couple people got run over since there's not much room to maneuver. Not a major issue since there is respawn.

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    Re: FOB Viking Feedback

    People shouldn't be in the vehicle section until they are going to board a vehicle. if people are that dumb its their own fault. there is plenty of room. The base is not going to get bigger.

    Yeah found the marker just now, browna sent me a pm. fixed the heli so there is no crew check (doesn't make a lot of sence since he is the only one there). haven't been able to find the contacts around the airfield maybe you pissed off the USMC troops around there.

    Thanks for the feedback
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