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  • Operation Naverone

    Im making a new mission entitled "TG CO (insert player number here) Naverone".
    For those that have seen The movie Force 10 from Naverone this plot should be similar to the movie's plot.
    Plot: US forces are invading eastern Chenarus tommrow (ties in with Ghost's campagin idea). A platoon of Force Recon operators is being inserted the night before the invasion to secure a dam. The Russians intend on blowing up the dam to flood the nearby land, if the land gets flooded the USMC invasion force will get bogged down and will not be able to push in land. The Force recon team will have 1 hour to secure the dam before enemy forces can rig it with explosives and destroy it. Force recon will be paradropped 5km away from the objective to ensure a safe drop. To get to the dam quickly, the Force recon team air dropped in humvees. However, the humvees were miss dropped and are spead out around an enemy controlled town. If Force recon wants to get to the dam in time they must locate their humvees quickly. The area around the dam is defended by small patrols. The dam is defended by a platoon sized element (still deciding on how many enemies will be at dam). Thoughts? I am not sure how to make a time limit. I also was thinking of doing something like Operation mongoose where the Blufor start in a hanger and gear up then the clock doesnt start ticking until the CO gives jump command. Im not sure if I should make this mission respawn or not. I was thinking about making this a 55 player mission but am still unsure. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
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    Re: Operation Naverone

    Hey socom!

    I'm glad you finally decided in making missions! You should have no problem since you've got plenty of experience from OFP.

    In response to your question about the time limit, one way is to set a trigger with a time out of however long you want the time limit to be. So for example,

    1st Trigger - Note below that the time out is in seconds:

    Time out:
    Min: 3600 Mid: 3600 Max: 3600
    Trigger condition - Only make it run server side:

    Activation - Dummy variable created and broadcasted to all clients to ensure ending of mission occurs in all machines:
    end_time = true; publicVariable "end_time";

    2nd Trigger - this is to end the mission

    Type: end#1


    If you want something fancy with a timer showing on the hud of each players so that they know exactly when the mission will fail, here is a clock script I wrote a while back when the 24 series missions were still going on:

    // By Lq.Snake
    // Questions? PM nthamma on TG forums
    private ["_limit", "_m"];
    waitUntil {time > 0};
    _limit = _this select 0;
    _m = floor(_limit/60);
    for [{_s = _limit - (_m*60)}, {_limit >= 0}, {_s = _s - 1}] do
    	if (_s == -1) then
    		_m = _m - 1;
    		_s = 59;
    _timeelapsed = format["Timer:\n%1 Minutes : %2 Seconds", _m, _s];
    hintsilent _timeelapsed;
    	if (_m == 0 && _s == 0) then
    		hintSilent "Timer:\nMission Failed";
                             end_time = true;
                             publicVariable "end_time";
    sleep 1;
    _limit = _limit - 1;
    Save this script as clock.sqf and put it in your mission directory.

    To use it, place this code in wherever you want: null = [t] execVM "clock.sqf"; where t is the time limit in seconds.

    You can put it into a trigger if you want:


    null = [3600] execVM "clock.sqf";

    The 2nd trigger should be the same as above:

    2nd Trigger - this is to end the mission

    Type: end#1


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      Re: Operation Naverone

      I wanna play Harrison Ford. Great movie. Something tells me its going to involve the Dam on the big map and some arty guns. OH SOCOM.. just remembered.. check out the scripts in the ArmA 2 scripting section of armaholic.. there is a script which adds flowing water to the dam, looked pretty freaking sweet. U should use that!
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