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  • Police Missionz

    Well there has been some talk of this, and there are quite a few interesting and unorthodox possibilities that could be incorporated into these missions.

    Anyways, if anyone has any police missions in the works, or has any ideas or suggestions for them, I guess we can rally our forces here.

    I have a few that are either on the server or in the works;

    Operation Pacer
    12 players
    On Server
    A road rally race across almost the entire map with four different Skodas and about ten patrolman with a police helicopter. The object is to have the racers reach the finishing point first without being stopped by the police.

    Operation PacerII
    32 players
    On Server
    Includes the same asset distribution as the first incarnation, except a second simultaneous 'race' is occurring in addition to the Skodas as Ural truck drivers try to smuggle weapons past national police units in UAZs.

    Operation Pursuit
    18 players
    Almost Complete
    Two robbers, initially working in tandem and a single rapist (all armed lightly) must elude police capture for forty or so minutes. They are, however, constrained to the Chernasouka Metro. area. Police either have to kill or bring to jail all three fugitives for their mission to be considered a success. They are assisted by a police helicopter.

    Operation Net
    Just a theory
    A Russian general and war criminal and his team of body guards must hide out in Chernasvouka, Pusta or Electrovoka for ninety minutes as they are hunted by patrol officers, informants and a SWAT team. Once located, the SWAT team will have to assault their position and either capture or kill the general.

    All TVT, of course, except some AI traffic,ect.

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    Re: Police Missionz

    I'd be interested in playing some of these out, they sound fun :)

    My suggestion would be to add a civilian element to the mix, either aiding the cops or the bad guys, or just minding their own business.

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      Re: Police Missionz

      In Operation Net, I've planned on adding confidential informants. Basically unarmed actual players, walking, on bikes or cars, that aid the police in locating the general.

      Obviously, some civilian positions could be added just for the hell of it, but seeing how a larger group rarely convenes for TVT, I try to keep missions on the smaller side.


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        Re: Police Missionz

        How about a tvt mission with terrorists and counter terrorists, I meen we basically have the russian SWAT team models ingame already. The terrorists could try to blow up like 3 targets in chernagorsk and SWAT team have to stop them? I had a few other police mission ideas but they kinda got put on the back burner. Its hard to get people to play any tvt nevermind join bravo server.


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          Re: Police Missionz

          For the operation Pacer missions, you should have it so that the racers burn out of gas a little quicker so they are forced to go to a checkpoint to refuel where the police can set up at each checkpoint to chase them down.

          Here's a script I wrote for the KC-10 to dump aircraft's fuel quicker... could be used for ground vehicles as well:

          _t = 1800; //* How long it will take for the fuel to completely drain out in seconds*//
          _aircraft = vehicle player;
          while {true} do
          	_aircraft setFuel (fuel _aircraft - (1/_t);
          	sleep 1;
          You can adjust variable "_t" to w/e number in seconds you like for the cars to completely drain out of fuel. In that example above, it is set to 1800 seconds (30 minutes). Haven't tested it yet but let me know if you have any trouble.

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