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COnsidering starting a UK forces mod

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  • COnsidering starting a UK forces mod

    Hey guys

    I've been mod making (3d artist) for a long time, and am an experienced 3d modeller/texturer. I currently work with INV44 as an artist, and have worked with them for over five years now (!). I also worked with WW2EC back in the days of OFP.

    However, I've decided it is soon time to lead my own mod, and seeing as I've just joined the Territorial Army (UK), I've decided I want to start a UK forces mod, utilising my skills, and the skills of other 3d artists at my university.

    However, I'm seriously lacking in config knowledge, and also map making knowledge.

    I'm a house mate of 'Browna3' and he suggested contacting TG to see if anyone wants to help out. I'm a TG fan myself, so I'd love to have some of you guys on board. Please let me know!


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    Re: COnsidering starting a UK forces mod

    Hello Guy123.

    ArmAII already has UK forces mod community. They area called surprise...UKFmod.
    However, having a little competition wouldnt go amiss.

    I would suggest that you spend some time in the BIS forum and related forums that are out there for Addon making.

    Good luck.

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