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Questions on making a prison camp break-out mission

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  • Questions on making a prison camp break-out mission

    I've been playing around with the editor for a few weeks now and know the basics. I'm working on a prison break mission. The players play a group of insurgents in a prison camp set before the Arma2 campaign starts.

    1. I've built my camp on Skalisty island out of around 100+ 'empty' objects (fences, tents, bunkers, towers, etc). Do these kinds of objects have any kind of performance hit? My guess is 'no' but I'm not sure.

    2. I have a couple of gates that I'd like to have locked. I see how to lock vehicles but I can't seem to get these objects to 'lock.' I also thought about removing the 'open' action from the gate objects but I only see how to remove actions from players. For reference I'm using the object "Empty|Objects (Military)|Gate"

    3. Is there an alarm sound included with Arma2? If not, does anybody have a really nice one?

    4. Is there anyway to use non-ammo crate items to store ammo? I'm currently using the 'Guerilla Cache" item hidden behind a bush and under beds to represent the prisoners smuggled in weapon caches, but I think it would be cool to have the weapons stashed in every day items (like stuff in Objects (Small).

    5. Does the TG Mod pack add any new hand guns to the game? I wanted the prisoners to use Makarovs but they have horrible accuracy (and there are four sniper towers around the camp to take out). I'm now having the prisoners use the Colt 1911, which is really nice weapon but a little too western.

    4. I'm using 'this setcaptive true' on the players to keep the guards from firing on them at first. I then have triggers that check if the prisoners have taken weapons out of the stash to remove the setcaptive by using 'hasweapon.' Is there an easy way to use 'hasweapon' to check for ANY weapon instead of just specific ones? I'm getting around this by only including the Colt hand guns in the stash so it only has to check for those. They can't get to any other weapon until they've set off a bomb (which will also remove 'setcaptive' if this state has not already been lifted). I'll also point out that there is a trigger (that checks for OFFOR) covering the base to set off an alarm. The alarm won't go off until someone with 'setcaptive false' has been spotted.

    4a. I originally had one trigger that checked if anyone had a weapon to remove 'setcaptive', but I thought it would be nice to only remove the 'setcaptive' from people who actually had picked up the weapons (since I'm planning on only including three handguns in the stash). Now I have six triggers that check 'hasweapon' for each player. It seems though if the group leader of the players picks up a weapon it removes 'setcaptive' from all of them, anyway. Any suggestions, comments on how to do this better?

    5. I'm using a 'radio alpha' trigger to set off the bombs (thanks ied script). Is there anyway to restrict who can use this? I tried removing radios from everyone to delay the use of it until they found an actual radio in a stash, but it still shows up even if the players don't have the 'ItemRadio' items in their gear.

    6. How do I add the heal ability to non-medic/corpsman units? I don't want to add it to all the players, just one.

    7. How do I give a building the ability to heal players?

    8. I have civilians in the prison as well for color. Once the bomb goes off I would like the guards to open fire on everyone. I've tried adding the civilians to a OPFOR group using 'joinsilent' once the bomb goes off but the guards still won't fire on them.
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    Re: Questions on making a prison camp break-out mission

    Answering some of my own questions for posterity. :)

    5. You can hide the radio message so that the players don't see it:

    Add to any object:

    1 setRadioMsg " ";
    Then have a trigger that adds the message back when you want. In my case I removed everyones 'ItemRadio' and added a radio to a stash and used this with a trigger:


    inleader1 hasweapon "ItemRadio" or inleader2 hasweapon "ItemRadio" or inleader3 hasweapon "ItemRadio" or inleader4 hasweapon "ItemRadio" or inleader5 hasweapon "ItemRadio" or inleader6 hasweapon "ItemRadio";
    (I suspect there is a simpler way to code this with 'forEach' but I don't know the syntax).

    On Acct:

    1 setradiomsg "Trigger Bomb!"
    The catch is that this only hides the message. If you click on the radio in the map screen at the right place it will still set off the bomb, but the players will assume since there isn't any message they can't activate anything. Furthermore it still shows up under the command menu (space, zero, zero, one).
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      Re: Questions on making a prison camp break-out mission

      Does anyone have any advice/help/comments?


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        Re: Questions on making a prison camp break-out mission

        I wish I did, it sounds really cool! I hope you finish it so we can try it out :)


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          Re: Questions on making a prison camp break-out mission

          4. Nvm, found a SLIGHTLY simpler way:
          (count ((weapons _unit) - (items _unit))) > 0
          returns true if unit is armed with ANY weapon.

          Here's an FSM taking advantage of that. Just drop the FSM to your mission's folder and put this to each unit's initline that you want to be considered hostile once he picks up a weapon:
          yadda = [this] execFSM "unarmed.fsm";
          For players you can just put this to init.sqf:
          [player] execFSM "unarmed.fsm";
          8. Make them renegage with a trigger that runs the addRating command for all of them. The downside is that they will now be hostile to everyone, including each other.
          _unit addRating -200000;
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            Re: Questions on making a prison camp break-out mission

            Turkish: Thanks, I hope to have it ready for testing soon.

            Fincuan: Thanks for your input, I'll play around with this FSM code and let you know how it works. As far as the civilians, I've decided to replace them with insurgents in civilian clothes (hadn't noticed these guys until a few days ago), but I appreciate you showing me the 'addrating' command, that might come in handy.




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