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Carver's Backpack and Settings Script Response

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  • Carver's Backpack and Settings Script Response

    Yo guys,

    for those of you who played co40 Force Recon Convoy Ambush 01 and used my Backpack, Settings and weapon accessory switching script... let me know your thoughts. Share your joys, frustrations or ideas.

    so scripts where..

    Settings script (v3 only shows in action menu when u are sitting down)

    Weapon Accessory Switching Script
    fakes switching between alternate versions of a weapon... i.e. M9 SD to M9.. or M16A4 Aimpoint.. to M16A4 ACOG... u know cause everyone carrys an ACOG in their pocket :D

    Backpack Script
    Your own little backpack to carry some extra gear.
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    Re: Carver's Backpack and Settings Script Response

    I don't recall a backpack script. Can you post a download link to it? Will be happy to share any feedbacks.

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      Re: Carver's Backpack and Settings Script Response

      I never toyed with the settings while sitting down but I liked the concept.

      The backpack script was much to cumbersome to use. That said I love being able to have 6 SMAW rounds at my disposal.

      I loved the accessory switcher. Might be a little unrealistic on some guns, but on weapons that can mount a screw on silencer it's perfect.

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        Re: Carver's Backpack and Settings Script Response

        Carver, I didn't use the Settings or Weapon switch scripts, but I did get the backpack function working.

        I think this is a pretty good system. It's a little different than the rucksacks we had in ACE, but I think this might actually be better. In RL, getting stuff into and out of a ruck would be more complicated than just going into your Gear menu. You would have to physically take off your ruck, drop it, get into it and do what you wanted to do. The time it takes to deploy the backpack and pick it up simulates this pretty well.

        One thing that might make it a little better would the ability to access other players packs. Say your fireteam buddy needs a few mags, you could drop your pack and he could grab them instead of dropping the stuff out of your gear and having to unpack replacements out of your pack. Just an idea.

        I'm not sure if it's possible as I know nothing about scripting or coding or whatever, but an actual rucksack on the ground would be nice instead of a crate. I can't imagine carrying a crate on your back being all that comfortable :)

        Over all, very useful and much needed, as the amount of gear you can carry isn't all that much without having this to use. I played as a grenadier, and loved being able to carry more than 6 grenades, I usually leave 2 pistol mags in that section of my gear just in case.




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