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Mission Team Activation - We are a go!

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  • Mission Team Activation - We are a go!

    Hey guys,

    Well, awhile back the admins appointed me as head of mission development. Probably most of you have forgot now since I have not been sponsoring projects for us yet. Its been several months now and we all are now pretty experienced at scripting a mission editing for ArmA. In the past I have refrained from assign projects in the interests of allowing you guys to gain experience and pursue your own designing desires. I have also realized my own limitations as an individual designer and the potential we have to really produce good missions quickly working together.

    I have now (finally) decided to start official projects for the design team. I will recruit volunteers from our team to help complete them, and will project manage as well as help in the design process. Each of us has different strength and weaknesses as well as desires, which I will assess in assigning tasks and dividing up labor as fairly as I can see. I think its safe to say with about an hour from each of us each week, we could produce one good mission a week, maybe two or three depending on the difficulty.

    However, I will act as the final say so on any issues pertaining to official projects and their creative content. I'm sure we'll run into some disagreements along the way. If you disagree with the direction a mission is going, let me know and we can try to perhaps include your ideas in a future mission, or you could take the mission and make your own version of it. I am promoting all our work to be open source and not exclusive. So feel free to make your own "remixes".

    So, I will post up a recruitment post the first official project. After a few days, once the team has a few volunteers, I'll start the mission project development post which we'll use for the life of the project. Looking forward to working with you all!
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