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Poll - Interest in using free online collaboration Tools

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  • Poll - Interest in using free online collaboration Tools

    This poll and post was inspired by my other post in mod and mission development thread.

    So, I used Google docs today to open up and read some information I wrote in a spread sheet for one of my scripts. I think features like Google docs have real potential to help keep important sources of information readily and easily accessible and easily maintained. One example would be a spread sheet containing class names of mods used by our community. Another might be documents outlining mission making guidelines etc.

    I'm not trying to pressure us to get away from the forums, I just think with all this free productivity software out there on the Net these days, we might really benefit from using some of it to stay organized. Nor am I limiting this to just Google docs, there is a lot of other stuff out there which may be of use to us. I don't know, we might realize a helpful and creative way to use an RSS feed or blog. Just food for thought.

    Depending on on the response here, I may use Google docs or other free software in our development team for a project and just see how it goes. If we really believe in its potential, we could present this idea to the admins and get the TG ArmA 2 community using these tools to manage information for editing.

    EDIT -
    Hey, here's another example Snake and I came up with talking about this.. Oh the woahs of scripting, well using tools like Google Wave, we could all in REAL time edit the same documents.. could be code, spread sheets etc. This would make helping out with scripts and writing them together soooo much easier. Also, we could debate and develope mission ideas and record them into an event or action list and have a reference for the development of the mission, helping stay focused. Google calendar would be used to help establish deadlines and keep track of where we are.
    Maybe. Depends (explain below)

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Poll - Interest in using free online collaboration Tools

    I like google docs, used it before. Set up a google group would be better!
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      Re: Poll - Interest in using free online collaboration Tools

      I'm up for it. Like you mentioned, I really think this will save a lot of time in designing missions or scripts and such. Let's get started with these new tools made available for us! :)

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        Re: Poll - Interest in using free online collaboration Tools

        I am all for it.


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