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  • Stepping Down

    I have decided to step down at head of TG mission team. Due to a change of interests on my part and an opportunity which has opened up to me for managing the ArmA 2 community for the group I consider my "home clan" for the ArmA game series.

    I have enjoyed my time editing here. I do plan on being involved with the TG community to some extent and will also make maps on an individual basis.

    I hope that someone within the current mission team can step up to lead and move this part of the TG community forward to produce some really good content.

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    Re: Stepping Down

    I hate to see you leave my friend. But I am happy that you are moving to greener pastures. Please dont forget us..........


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      Re: Stepping Down

      Really sad to see you leave, General. I was really looking forward in that project. I wish you the best of luck and please keep in touch!

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        Re: Stepping Down

        Sorry to see you leave but see you on the field! You have to promise us to revive your old Steven-Seagal impersonations on the servers.
        Take care.

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