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  • Untern Lehrgangen

    So I'm trying to do my first minor edits of a mission, and I haven't gotten very far because of some strange behavior with the mission I am altering. This mission, Untern Lehrgangen, is distributed with ACE2 made by Xeno.

    When I attempt to load this mission by launching a dedicated server, I receive an expected "no MineMinE object" which is non-fatal, but I also receive an undefined public variable "pos1" which IS critical (it's a var declared in an array in the first few lines of init.sqf). I can start the mission, but there are only 3 soft truck and one Stryker. This mission starts with 4 Strykers I think, with walls around the spawn base and tents and crates etc.

    Hotmachina started a test server up which is in the UK (and is still running at this moment) called " Test" (password is "worldcupuk") and it has the same starting issue as I have only a local dedicated server.

    (The ACE\mpmission version is currently on v1.03 and the version on Alpha and Bravo is 1.01 and works properly, but I don't think that's the issue because 1.01 nor 1.03 work on other machines.)

    So... I'm dying of curiosity here. What settings would be making this Xeno mission work on Alpha/Bravo, but not work when I launch or on Hotmachina server? I notice this is a bit in init.sqf like this:

    if(!isdedicated) then {
    ....etc } I am launch as a dedicated server, but I am also running the client on the same box (still copying files to my server box at the moment). Is that the issue? I was under the impression that Hotmachina's box was truly dedicated with no games running on it, so I ruled that out...

    Anyway, long post and I'm stuck. Can anyone get this ACE packaged mission to launch with all the bevvy of vehicles and a fully structured spawn base? Or just three soft trucks, one Stryker, and a flagpole (after an SQF popup error during briefing map)?

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    Re: Untern Lehrgangen

    Meh, I just posted on the BIS forum:




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