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  • Chernarus WAC Campaign

    Figured I would start a thread on the new set of missions release today. Any comments, critiques, suggestions, whatever can go in here.

    First off, this campaign doesn't really have specific nations representing, generic "BLUFOR" vs. generic "REDFOR", so, no need to point out errors in the ORBATs of the various forces or their tactics or what not.


    The premise for the campaign is a conventional "total" war. The war has been dragging on, so fancy equipment is getting rare. Your unit is part of an infantry company that is advancing through South Zagoria in an effort to control the ports and factories of the area. The previous area was hard fought and most of the armoured fighting vehicles in your battle group were in need of servicing, those left have been deployed elsewhere. The enemy is no better off. As a result, the initial part of the fighting is done mainly with infantry and trucks.

    The missions were designed in such a manner that each mission plays into another mission, there is a logical progression of friendly and enemy unit movements, time, and terrain. The order, so far, is such:

    Tikhaya Recce
    Bor Recce
    High Ground
    Blue Rocket
    Balota Hills

    I plan to continue the series, probably a few more missions focused on light infantry. After that, I would like to focus on either straight mechanized infantry (infantry with infantry fighting vehicles like the Bradley or the LAV) or a part of a Combat Team (mechanized infantry and tanks). This will likely be in the northern part of Chernarus, the central highlands. Since the objective of the entire operation in the area is to capture the docks and factories in-tact, rolling through them with guns blazing would be less than desirable. Plus, it makes it easier on the AI who have problems with CQB, without considerable help.


    There are a few basic systems and ideas in these missions. First of all, yes, everyone has iron sights. I have a similar train of thought with Falcon on this, so check out his reasoning thread if you want to know the details.

    Weapons and Ammuntion

    Ammunition is spread out evenly among the Section, every Rifleman has 1 box of ammunition for the 2 Section Light machineguns. There are 2 Anti-Tank weapons in the Section. There is only 1 grenade launcher, the 2IC has it. Only the Weapons Detachment has ammunition for the Platoon weapons. The Weapons Detachment has both a Medium machinegun and an Anti-Tank weapon. Radios are given only to 1ICs and the Platoon Signaller. On Recce Patrols, it is given to the Patrol Signaller.

    Medical Supplies

    Each troop has four bandages, these are required to stop bleeding as the ACE Medical System is enabled. There is a single Medic per Platoon, they have all the other medical supplies, currently only morphine and epinephrine. If/when the other supplies are function, they will be added to the medic. The medic also has a bunch of bandages. Maps are limited in quantity, only 1ICs, 2ICs, and Medics get maps. Follow your leader, or you will probably get lost. For Recce Patrols, only the 1IC has a map. You kind of need it.


    In most missions (save for some of the Recce missions) there is a Forward Operating Base (FOB). In this FOB there is ammunition and medical supplies. This is typically where your trucks respawn, and any players who 'got broked' will be moved to.


    All of these missions have respawn and Join In Progress (JIP). A player who JIP's or respawns will be teleported into the cargo of the truck furthest from the FOB, if that truck's cargo is full, the truck second furthest from the FOB, etc. Each time a player is killed, the team is subtracted 1 ticket. Each time a truck is killed, the team is subtracted 5 tickets. There is a limited amount of tickets, normally no more than 30, or as few as 4. Trucks will respawn instantly at the FOB (or at their start position in most Recce missions).

    Some tips on handling your respawns. DO NOT drive the trucks into the firefight. Losing a truck is a significant blow to your remaining reserves, you will quickly lose the mission if you are careless with them. Only move the trucks around if you are certain the area is clear, and the position they are in currently is too far from the Platoon to effectively get reinforcements. Careless use of trucks will result in an early defeat.


    Radios perform a very important function in these missions. In order to signal to your Company HQ that you have completed your objectives, you need a player with a radio set (AN/PRC77, enemy radios WILL NOT work) to send a transmission. When the goals for an objective have been met, move to within 25m of the marked objective position on the map. You will get an action menu entry that is preceded with "Radio Message:". Using this action will create a radio conversation, at the end of the conversation, your objective is complete. So, don't ditch your radio because it is heavy, you will need it.

    That's it for now. If something comes up that I didn't explain and feel should be explained, I'll put it in here.

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    Re: Chernarus WAC Campaign

    Looking forward to the WAC missions again. Thanks for all your hard work!

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      Re: Chernarus WAC Campaign

      Yay wac!!!!
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        Re: Chernarus WAC Campaign

        Whooo! WAC missions! Love you, beita! Now this is how I like to be welcomed back after Christmas! :D


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          Re: Chernarus WAC Campaign

          Blue Rocket is one of the best missions on TG. Everyone has to try it.
          TG Pathfinder

          "I travel alone through the valley of the shadow of death, yet in my heart I carry no fear, for Gods hands will guide me to Truth and Honor."


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            Re: Chernarus WAC Campaign

            Bump for this thread. First post is out of date by now, respawn system changed, as did how FOBs are placed.

            I would like to hear feedback from people who have played any of these mission; I am looking to start a new campaign on Podogorsk and would like to know what people liked, disliked, wished was present, wished wasn't present, etc.

            This is a list of missions that are part of this campaign, if you have played any of them, please give a simple feedback on it, would appreciate it very much:





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