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  • [TG]Coop_57 ShakeNBake

    Since there was no thread yet, here's where to discuss HOTMACHINA's latest mission.

    Just as a quick reminder, SHAKENBAKE is the mission set on SIX Little Green Bags where a USMC Platoon has to defend a ruined base from a Russian Federation assault.

    -ACE medical system appears to be in conflict with the First Aid module
    -If killed, both medical systems stop working once respawned (you can get incapped as per the First Aid module, but you can't be interacted with and saved)
    -On respawn, you lose all the equip you had and revert to the standard equip for your class (not the equip you start with)
    -On respawn the FTL might change

    Suggested changes:
    -Having the base attacked by an Hind at the start is probably a little overkill: even with AA gunners expecting it, it will probably still manage to knock out the armor and kill some soldiers before crashing. Maybe you could change it to the Mi-8 with mgs?
    -Have a fixed respawn location: respawning near your dead body is not always a good thing, especially if the area was overrun by enemy troops
    -Have BluFor bodies disappear once the player has respawned
    -Have a dedicated pilot and vehicle crew slots: having dedicated pilots means that you can have air support without removing soldiers from a squad, and eliminates having to deal with people just jumping in and crashing the helo before even taking off :p . As such I suggest making the Mh6 and Apache operable only by pilots (maybe with the exception of the gunner position). In regards of vehicle crewmen, this is more of an "realism" thing: from what I have read, while in the US Army transports like the Bradley and Stryker are part of the Infantry Platoon, in the USMC vehicles are assigned to the Rifle Platoon, instead of being part of. Due to gameplay reasons, however, I don't think having dedicated crewmen would improve the gameplay, so I'll just point this bit of useless trivia and let you decide ;)

    What I liked so far:
    -First off I liked the location chosen for the mission: the area looks great and the atmosphere is nice. This is one of those missions that have to be played in the evening and the fog is a good addition to the atmosphere.
    -Another thing I think HOT got right away is the respawn time: 180 seconds are long enough to hurt while not being too long.
    -Lastly the amount of equipment avaiable is nice without being too much: that's something difficult to balance, but I believe you got it perfectly ;)

    So, has anyone got anything to say about this mission? Especially those that have played it more than me and/or actually know how to make a mission (unlike me :D )?
    Oh, and before I forget, thanks for actually making this mission, HOTMACHINA. ;)

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    Re: [TG]Coop_57 ShakeNBake

    I was in the scout/sniper team last night so didn't have any look at the main defense area or the assualt(s) there. The one thing I did notice is that the targets we took out at a distance seemed to take a VERY long time (over a minute) after a killshot to show the dying animation. Probably a result of server lag but it was consistent for my spotter and myself so dunno what that means.

    Seems like it could be a fun mission though, looking forward to playing another role.
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      Re: [TG]Coop_57 ShakeNBake

      Oh thanks for doing this, I am a mission nub so wasnt expecting any feedback as yet :)

      Anyway my thoughts:

      On a bug level everything I have uses the F2 pre canned enviroment, I have no other scripts etc, the only thing I can think is maybe I screwed the transfer of the map type, I did follow Fer's instructions exactly.

      If Fer is reading this, any thoughts?


      Hinds now a lot more sensible.
      Respawn should take place at "west_base" according to the documentation, will check why this isnt happening.
      I have the FIFO (not correct name) basically 30 dead anything = 1st dead deleted, from what I understand.
      Yes on dedicated pilots, working on that next.
      Have reduced number of players to 30ish as lag is a problem over that amount.




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