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    So, I've read a lot of the briefings for missions here at TG. Some are ... light .. on the details, some are heavy, some are in between. A lot of them follow a similar format.

    I believe the most accurate and complete briefing I've seen would probably be Igor's brief for Takur Ghar ( ).

    Now, I'm not saying everyone should immediately adopt this style, but it is very informative and it helps a lot for a leader to get information the same way each time. You know what to expect and where to expect it.

    Here it is in this thread:
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Intel pt2","
    *Suspected Enemy High Value Target Convoy, Pic 2<br/><img image='sad.jpg' width='256' height='256'/><br/>
    *File Photo of Sanya Jafaar<br/><img image='hvt.jpg' width='256' height='256'/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Intel","
    The predator drone captured these photographs before being shot down:<br/>
    *Suspected Enemy Command Post<br/><img image='enemy.jpg' width='256' height='256'/><br/>
    *Suspected Enemy High Value Target Convoy, Pic 1<br/><img image='cov.jpg' width='256' height='256/><br/><br/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Rules of Engagement Card","
    1. Enemy military and paramilitary forces may be attacked or engaged based on the following instructions:<br/>
    a. Positive Identification (PID) is required prior to engagement. PID is 'reasonable certainty' that your target is a legitimate military target. If no PID, contact your next higher commander for decision. Engagement by unknown forces constitues PID.<br/>
    b. Do not engage anyone who has surrended or cannot fight due to wounds.<br/>
    c. Do not target or strike any civilians except in self-defense to protect yourself, your unit, friendly forces, or designated persons or property under your control.<br/>
    d. Do not fire into civilian populated areas or buildings unless the hostile force is using them for hostile purposes or if necessary for your self-defense.<br/>
    e. Minimize collateral damage.<br/><br/>
    2. You may detain civilians if they interfere with mission accomplishment, possess important information, or if required for self-defense.<br/>
    *Treat all persons and their property with respect and diginity.<br/>
    *Locals and security forces are authorized to carry weapons<br/><br/>
    3. Necessary force, including deadly force, is authorized for the protection of some types of property including:<br/>
    *Public Utilities<br/>
    *Coalition and captured enemy weapons and ammunition<br/>
    *Other mission essential property designated by your commander<br/><br/>
    *Attack only hostile forces and military targets<br/>
    *Avoid fratricide-be aware of nearby units and local police/security forces<br/>
    *Spare civilians and civilian property, if possible<br/>
    *Do not loot or steal<br/>
    *Condcut yourself with dignity and honor<br/>
    *Comply with the Law of War. If you see a violation, report it.<br/>
    *Women must be treated with respect. They will only interact with other women. Also, they may not be touched.<br/>
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Other Notes","
    NOTES: Once the downed aircrew has returned to Gardiz, they are then capable of dying without mission failure. Free feel use them to help with the mission.<br/><br/>There are suggested chalks markers located <marker name='Suggested Chalks'>here</marker><br/><br/><marker name='mf'>Task Force Mountain</marker> Really does not exist in game<br/>Enemies are not at <marker name='rem'>OBJ Remington</marker>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["5.  COMMAND AND SIGNAL","
    a.  Command.  .<br/><br/>
    JSOC commander will be located at Bagram<br/><br/>
    b.  Signal<br/>
    NAIL 21P - Patrol Leader<br/>
    NAIL 21Q - Assistant Patrol Leader<br/>
    NAIL 21A - Alpha Element<br/>
    NAIL 21B - Bravo Element<br/><br/>
    RAZOR 01 - UH-60 #1<br/>
    RAZOR 02 - UH-60 #2<br/>
    RAZOR 03 - UH-1<br/>
    SPIRIT 04 - AH-1<br/><br/>
    MATCH58a - CCT Team Leader<br/>
    MATCH58b - CCT Controller 1<br/>
    MATCH58c - CCT Controller 2<br/><br/>
    GRIM 31K - AV8 Harrier<br/>
    GRIM 31L - AV8 Harrier<br/><br/>
    MAKO 30 - Seal Team Leader<br/>
    HAMMER 55 - CCT Controller attached to Seal team<br/><br/>
    SPADE51 - Downed Aircrew<br/><br/>
    MALLET 88 - Foward Air Control Team<br/>
    Spooky1 - AC130<br/><br/>
    Swift 99 - CSAR Team<br/>
    Jolly Green 64 - UH60<br/><br/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["4.  SERVICE SUPPORT","
    a.  General.  No resupply for 24 hours. <marker name='farp'>FARP Gardiz</marker> and <marker name='bag'>Bagram</marker> have ammo, fuel, medical, and repair."]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["3.  EXECUTION","
    Intent Statement: It is my intent that the mission is completed with minimal friendly casualties, no loss of any additional aircraft, and sensitive items do not fall into enemy hands.<br/><br/>
    a.  Concept of the Operation<br/>
    MAKO 30 will move towards crash site and linkup with and secure SPADE 51 crew. RAZOR and SPIRIT elements will insert NAIL 21 QRF force in a location so they can linkup with MAKO 30 and complete objectives. GRIM element will provide laser guided bombs as needed. Combat controllers, HAMMER and MATCH will use laser designators to guide strikes. Forward air control team, MALLET 88, will guide AC130 Spooky1 to targets. CSAR Team, Swift 99, will board Jolly Green 64 and be available for downed aircraft and any other missions assigned.<br/><br/>
    (1)  Maneuver.<br/>Left to QRF commander's discretion<br/><br/>
    (2)  Fires  All fires will be in support of TF Mountain and none will be available to JSOC units<br/><br/><br/>
    b.  Tasks to Maneuver Units.<br/><br/>
    1.	Rescue <marker name='crash'>SPADE 51</marker> and move them to <marker name='farp'>FARP Gardiz</marker><br/>
    2.	Blow <marker name='predmk'>predator drone</marker> to prevent enemy from acquiring it<br/>
    3.	Destroy enemy forces on peak of <marker name='Takur Ghar'>Takur Ghar</marker> to prevent them from Observing TF Mountain elements<br/>
    4.	Destroy <marker name='base'>enemy command post</marker> to prevent them from mounting a successful defense of OBJ Remington<br/>
    5.	Destroy <marker name='ammo'>enemy cache</marker> to prevent them from resupplying units at OBJ Remington.<br/>
    6.	Kill High Value Target, <marker name='HVT'>Sanya Jafaar</marker>, to prevent him from escaping into Pakistan<br/>
    7.	All BLUFOR elements extract from <marker name='Ea'>Takur Ghar area</marker><br/><br/>
    Remember the Rules of Engagement, See ROE Card on Notes<br/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["2.  MISSION:","
    Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) will rescue <marker name='lz'>SPADE 51</marker> and secure the <marker name='Ea'>Takur Ghar</marker> mountain range NLT H+240 vicinity AO 080 026 in order to ensure TF Mountain's seizure of OBJ Remington is successful."]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["1.  SITUATION - b.  Friendly Forces","
    b.  Friendly Forces<br/>Early this morning, <marker name='crash'>SPADE 51</marker>, a 160th SOAR UH-1, was shot down after dropping off MAKO 30, a seal team equipped for recon. MAKO 30 was to seize the peak of <marker name='Takur Ghar'>Takur Ghar</marker> and use it as an observation post to support <marker name='mf'>Task Force Mountain</marker> by calling air strikes on enemy forces in and around Objective Remington. After dropping off the Seal Team at their <marker name='lz'>offset LZ</marker>, SPADE 51 was shot down by firing coming from the peak of Takur Ghar. It crashed NorthEast of the offset LZ.<br/><br/><br/>
    (1)  Higher Unit's Mission<br/><br/><marker name='mf'> TF Mountain </marker>will secure <marker name='rem'>OBJ Remington</marker> NLT H+360 vicinity AO 061 045 in order to prevent enemy forces from escaping into Pakistan<br/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["1.  SITUATION - a.  Enemy forces","
    (1)  Disposition, Composition, and Strength<br/><br/>
    (a)  Disposition:  <br/>After downing a US chopper and a Predator drone, enemy forces have begun combing the ranges near <marker name='Ea'>Takur Ghar</marker> looking for the downed aircrafts and crew. Air recon and adjacent spotting positions report that the enemy forces are leaving their fighting positions and are patrolling the area. <br/><br/><br/>
    (b)  Composition:  <br/>Enemy forces consist of three types of fighters:<br/>
    (1)Al Qaeda Fighters - These men are well armed and extremely dangerous. They are highly motivated and will fight to the death. They can be identified by their green camouflage clothing and hoods.<br/>
    (2)Foreign Fighters- These men have answered the call to Jihad and have moved into Afghanistan from various regions around the world. They are heavily armed and well equipped. They are motivated, but may not fight to the death. These fighters will sometimes seize key terrain and setup heavy weapons. They can be identified by their gray camouflage clothing and have a uniform look.<br/>
    (3)Taliban Forces- These men are local to the region and know the terrain very well. They can move quickly through the mountains and will use the terrain to their advantage. They are unlikely to fight to the death and may break contact. They can be identified by their civilian-type clothing.<br/><br/><br/>
    (c)  Strength:  Exact number of enemy forces are unknown, but estimates of enemy forces near Takur Ghar number around 100.<br/><br/>
    (2)  Capabilities:  <br/><br/>
    Maneuver: The enemy forces have a high degree of mobility, they have lived in mountainous terrain for years and can move quickly over it.<br/>
    Fire Support: Enemy relies on emplaced heavy machine guns for supporting fires.<br/>
    Intelligence: Enemy may have locals providing intel.<br/>Air Defense: Initial reports indicate that the enemy may have access to MANPAD weapon systems. Helicopter pilots are advised to maintain a safe distance from the peaks.<br/>
    Command and Control: Enemy forces lack a significant C2 capability, but have sent up nodes to facilitate operations.<br/><br/> 
    (3)  Most Probable Course of Action: Enemy is likely to engage friendly forces with small arms fire and attempt to maneuver and destroy.<br/><br/>
    (4)  Most Dangerous Course of Action:  Enemy calls for adjacent units to reinforce and flank friendly forces. Enemy uses heavy weapons on high terrain.<br/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["TERRAIN AND WEATHER","
    Terrain - Consists of high-altitude mountain ranges<br/><br/>
    OBSTACLES: Steep ground<br/>
    EFFECTS ON FRIENDLY: Severely restricts vehicle access. Hinders infantry movement.<br/>
    EFFECTS ON ENEMY: Limited since enemy personnel are used to movement through mountains<br/><br/>
    AVENUES OF APPROACH: Most effective avenues are insertions by helicopter<br/>
    EFFECTS ON FRIENDLY: Allows rapid emplacement and movement of personnel<br/>
    EFFECTS ON ENEMY: Forces enemy to face larger forces since reinforcements can be quickly summoned<br/><br/>
    KEY TERRAIN: High peaks in area<br/>
    EFFECTS ON FRIENDLY: Enables observation of enemy and engagement by air strikes and sniper teams<br/>
    EFFECTS ON ENEMY: Enables observation of US forces and offers good points to emplace heavy weapons and AA systems <br/><br/>
    OBSERVATION AND FIELDS OF FIRE: Limited when at low elevation and extended when at high elevation<br/>
    EFFECTS ON FRIENDLY: Double-edged sword; allows friendly forces to gain and lose situational awareness<br/>
    EFFECTS ON ENEMY: Same as friendly<br/><br/>
    COVER AND CONCEALMENT: Cover and concealment limited to various rocks and trees<br/>
    EFFECTS ON FRIENDLY: Easy to become pinned down and fixed in a location<br/>
    EFFECTS ON ENEMY: Enables personnel to locate and destroy friendly forces easier<br/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["TASK ORGANIZATION ","
    *US ARMY RANGER QRF<br/>-Command- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -Alpha- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -Bravo- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/><br/>
    *160th SOAR <br/>
    -UH-60- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -UH-60- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -UH-1- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -AH-1- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -Downed aircrew-  <marker name='crash'>Starting point</marker><br/><br/>
    *USAF CCT<br/>
    -CCT Team- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -AV-8 Harrier- <marker name='bag'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -AV-8 Harrier- <marker name='bag'>Starting point</marker><br/><br/>
    *USAR Combat Search and Rescue Task Force Package<br/>
    -FAC Team- <marker name='farp'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -AC130- <marker name='bag'>Starting point</marker><br/>
    -UH 60 & CSAR Team- <marker name='bag'>Starting point</marker><br/><br/>*USN Seal Team<br/>
    -Seal Team- <marker name='lz'>Starting point</marker><br/>"]];
    I actually have a few questions directed at Igor, or one of the many other people who I am sure can answer them.

    1. Commander's Intent - exactly what should I put in this? The intent of the mission, the intent of the execution, I'm not really clear on what this should be.

    2. Roughly how much time would it take for a commander to make up this kind of a briefing? Where would corners be cut if it had to be done faster?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Briefings

    Commander's Intent - How he choses to complete the objectives


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      Re: Briefings

      So, would it be correct to say the Commander's Intent is how he chooses to complete the Mission (as outlined in the Mission statement)? I guess I just need some examples.


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        Re: Briefings

        yes, commanders intent implies that the commander can go about the mission however he feels best!


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          Re: Briefings

          Originally posted by beita View Post
          So, would it be correct to say the Commander's Intent is how he chooses to complete the Mission (as outlined in the Mission statement)? I guess I just need some examples.
          Commander's intent is the broad objective command wants to accomplish, coming from Battalion or Company HQ (a captain or colonel), depending on the size of the map. The PLT commander would be reading the commander's intent and then creating a plan in order to fulfill it.

          "Capture the air field with maximum firepower and tempo, with as few casualties as possible"

          "Break through the main defenses north of [random town] along the MSR and set up defenses facing east"

          "Cut off flanking enemy maneuver forces entering the AO while preserving friendly armor forces"

          If you want extremely good examples of briefings check out Combat Mission Shock Force, especially the expansion modules Marines and British. I'll paste some here.


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            Re: Briefings

            1. Commander's Intent - exactly what should I put in this? The intent of the mission, the intent of the execution, I'm not really clear on what this should be.

            2. Roughly how much time would it take for a commander to make up this kind of a briefing? Where would corners be cut if it had to be done faster?

            Looks like people already answered them.

            Question 1-
            I always think of CI (commander's intent) as what you as the commander want the mission to accomplish.

            p. 5-8, FM 101-5 "what the force must do to succeed with respect to the enemy, terrain, time and the desired end state. Intent links the mission and concept paragraph by stating key tasks which must be accomplished to accomplish the purpose of the operation."

            Mission- Alpha Company, 1st Plt will attack and seize the airfield at OBJ Alpha No later than (NLT) 2100 vic (vicinity) AO 12345678 in order to secure the airfield for follow-on forces.
            CI - My intent is for 1st plt to seize the control tower, the hangers, and secure the surrounding area with minimal civilian and friendly casualties.
            So key tasks are: secure control tower, secure hangers, secure surrounding area, minimize casualties.

            In my Takur Ghar mission, I declared that I wanted the mission to be completed with minimal friendly casualties and no loss of additional equipment (planes and guns).
            So even if the objectives are completed, but 90% of the force was KIA and all the birds shot down, I would consider the mission not fully successful.

            2. "Roughly how much time would it take for a commander to make up this kind of a briefing? Where would corners be cut if it had to be done faster?"

            Generally, commanders apply the 1/3, 2/3 rule. That is, 1/3 of the time available should be devoted to planning and preparation, and 2/3 of the time should be devoted to carrying out the mission. Suppose that you get a mission where you have to raid a compound in 2 hours. That is 120 min. So, 1/3 of that is 40 min. You have 40 minutes for planning/preparation/rehearsals.

            Let's say that I have 5 minutes to make and brief an opord. I would short hand it such as,
            T/O- 1st Sqd raise hand, 2nd sqd raise hand, leaders raise hands
            S- E- Insurgent AO small arms, MGs, RPGs, Black shirt, blue jeans
            F- Local Indigenous forces, location
            M- 1st plt will attack OBJ B NLT 2300 vic AO12345678 in order to prevent enemy from launching attacks
            E-COO- 1. Plan/Prep, 2. MTV, 3. Recon, 4. Support,Assault 5. Attack OBJ B 6. Actions on
            M- Explain where we are, how we are getting there, etc.
            TTMU- 1st Sqd, support 2nd Sqd, assault
            1st sqd, bring AT4
            SS-General-Comp trains loc at AA
            Misc - we have red smoke
            CS- PL with B, PSG with A
            SUC- PL, PSG, A, B
            I included what I believe should be the minimum for a operations order. You need the Situation, enemy, friendly. The mission. The concept of Operation (COO). The maneuver (M) sub paragraph. A very base service support. The command and signal with where the leaders will be and most importantly, the succession of command (SUC)

            If you have to cut corners, you must include all the major paragraphs, but you should only include things vital to mission. Lets say red smoke above is not needed, so don't waste time on it. If things have not changed, you can say, Situation, No change and Only brief the changes.
            You must always brief the mission as fully as possible. If you are going to write something down as a "joe" private, make sure its the mission.
            The maneuver sub-paragraph is very important too, this para is the "bread and butter." People should be able to listen and watch as you tell the story of the mission and know what needs to be done from this paragraph alone.

            It really depends on the circumstances how much time you will have. Sometimes, QRF forces are actually briefed enroute and may have no idea what they are getting into.
            General rule of thumb: The more time you have, the more detailed the briefing should be.

            If i had a week to prepare for a raid, I would spend days and days upon it. I would brief, recon, make changes to plan if needed, run constant rehearsals, conduct pre combat inspections of troops/equipment, I try to ensure that even the "lowest" man on the mission knows whats going to happen, I would construct a extremely detailed terrain model of the mission area, etc.
            The 1/3 2/3 rule may not apply since I could have a week to prepare, but only a day to execute.
            "Never forget that you are there to SERVE the soldiers. Listen to your NCOs and always do the right thing." -My Father


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              Re: Briefings


              Thanks a ton Igor, explained things very well.

              Now for the task of rewriting 18 briefings heh.


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                Re: Briefings

                Wow. Really nice and informative replies! Wonderful!


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                  Re: Briefings

                  Almost done re-writing 1 ( .. of 18 :( ) of my briefings, and I ran into some trouble.

                  Not sure what to put in some areas, namely:

                  Under Execution,

                  (1) Maneuver


                  (2) Fires

                  I understand that this should be general information about what the maneuver units should do and what the supporting fire units should do, but, I'm just unsure of what I would put in here for a more .. simple? mission.

                  There isn't any attached units, apart from the Weapons Det (which has a medium machinegun and an anti-tank system) that would be strictly fire support, so I'm not sure how to handle that part.

                  Any tips on this?


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                    Re: Briefings

                    The companys ultimate objective. The platoon mission, movement technique, direction, order of march, primary mission for each squad, and position in company order of march.
                    Fire support.
                    Preparation fires, final protective fires, priority of fires.


                    A) Concept of operation.
                    The 2nd platoon will attack dismounted crossing the line of departure (LD) at 0600. We will cross the LD in column formation using the traveling overwatch technique.
                    Order of march will be 2nd squad, platoon headquarters, 1st squad, 3rd squad. The carrier element will provide overwatching fires from Hill 294 (NB 780916).

                    When we reach Dawsons Creek, our assault position, we will deploy in line formation with 1st squad on the left, 2nd squad as the base squad in the center, and 3rd squad on the right to seize Hill 301, Objective RED.
                    By seizing Objective RED, we will be able to control all movement on the road between Hills 309 (NB 783910) and 301 (NB 782918).
                    If the enemy counterattacks, the company commander thinks they may try to use the road. By seizing Hill 309, Objective BLUE, on our left, 1st platoon will assist in protecting the battalions flank against enemy counterattack.
                    The 3rd platoon will be following us during the assault and will be prepared to continue
                    the assault if needed.

                    There will be a 15 minute artillery preparation beginning at 0550.
                    We have priority of fires. The targets I have chosen are shown on my map.
                    Make sure you mark them on your map before you leave.

                    B) Missions for subordinate units:
                    1) 1st squad consolidate from 9 to 11
                    2) 2nd squad consolidate from 11to 1
                    3) 3rd squad consolidate from 1 to 3
                    4) Carrier element:
                    I) Support assault from Hill 294
                    II) Shift fires on order to northeast.
                    III) Move to objective on order.
                    C) Coordinating instructions:
                    1) 2nd squad is base squad during assault.
                    2) In consolidation, 12 O' clock is East.
                    3) Limit of advance is 100 meters beyond crest of the hill.
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