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New Mission Naming Standard Effective Now

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  • New Mission Naming Standard Effective Now

    Ok guys the admin team has come to decide on the following missions naming standard. We have done this for many reasons. It will help make mission selection in game more efficient and lower wait times in the lobby. We have also noticed that some missions do not get played due to their creator's or their styles. This standard eliminates that. All missions will need to comply with this standard two weeks from Sunday 10JAN10. After that we will purge the servers of non-compliant missions and go from there. We will be posting a new missions submission thread just for this purpose of updating mission names. We will post the current mission list below and in the new thread. Any mission submitted in the new thread must be on the list. If not go to this thread and submit your mission.
    We are not changing this to hinder mission maker's works, we do really understand it is hard to make missions and we are grateful for your hard work. The server missions list has just become to chaotic and this will solve that. This standard goes into effect tonight at this time.

    The new standard is as follows:

    We have decided to take out the requirement to have TG or ACE in your mission name. Instead we will start enforcing the TG intro requirement in your missions. If you do not have this intro we will not host your mission.


    Please try to get us your updated missions ASAP. Any problems please contact an admin, do not clutter the forums with it. Thank you for your hard work and understanding in this
    -Admin Team
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