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Need help with AI pathfinding and waypoints pls

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  • Need help with AI pathfinding and waypoints pls

    How would one force the AI to follow waypoints regardless of what they “think” is a better alternative?

    I’ve tried setting the placement and completion radius to 1 with no change in results. Same goes for behavior, combat mode, etc. I even tried canFloat = true;

    Example pics and pbo below:

    Car on left: Want him to cross shallow water and keep going. His tires hit the water and he stops. Often he will wait awhile then drive all around the map to get to the other waypoint. The water isn’t even shallow, its like puddle deep but I think the AI sees it as deep water due to the break in the road on map.

    PLA ZSL07 on right: Want him to travel in the center of the creek. Again, wheels hit the water and they decide its better to travel along the side of the creek. But not always, sometimes they criss-cross or better yet, cross and then drive through the field to get to the last cp.

    Second pic, further East down road.
    Want him to follow un-marked dirt road South. This guy goes anywhere but where I set the waypoints. Sometimes he goes west and follows the creek, sometimes east and through the forest.

    If you want to witness this, download (right click save)this pbo and walk towards either antenna to trigger. The car to East will trigger when you approach.

    I know the ai has problems with water and if there is no solution to getting them to follow the creek, how would I at least get the dang car to follow the dirt road and not go pathmaking through the heavy forest?

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    Re: Need help with AI pathfinding and waypoints pls

    The AIs follow the map makers paths. Not what you see on the screen.
    So if the map makers incorrectly placed a path through a forrest instead of correctly placing it on the dirt road. The AIs will go into the forrest.

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