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New Mission Dev team leader

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  • New Mission Dev team leader

    Gentlemen, put your hands together for our new Mission Dev Team leader...


    Congratulations and looking forward to working with you in the future.

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    Re: New Mission Dev team leader

    congratulations man i know that you will them proud

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      Re: New Mission Dev team leader


      Thanks to both of you and all my voters lol. You decided to deliver me a nice surprise coming back after heavy week of studying, eh?

      I'll be happy to take over our growing team of mission developers, and will be delivering some sort of "guidlines" post after having liasoned with the admin team and the former head of the mission dev team. I haven't been present on "this side" of the forums when the dev team has been at its most active phase, so it'll be interesting to see how all this works out. Task #1 for myself: Find out what on earth the mission dev team leader is supposed to be doing :)


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        Re: New Mission Dev team leader

        you need to crack the whip and get the other devs working on good missions to put on the server :D

        Also you need to get them to put their heads together and get a sunday event mission in the works :D


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